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Best Eye Care Tips-Exercise Eyes!

Exercise your eyes, sounds stressful? Well, for these two beautiful and sensitive organs, you cannot expect to do something that’s painful and tougher to do. For them, you have to have simple exercises, which without much effort turn eyes healthier. Is there anything that’s older and has proven results innumerable times, whenever its practitioners have followed it? What better than the oldest form of exercise i.e. yoga!

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Eyes show us what’s light…else there is darkness all around! This is ‘cent per cent’ true though we might not realize their value unless we come across somebody who’s unfortunate to have either lost them or never had them at all. Remember, god’s gifts are irreplaceable so it’s better to value them and work on them while you have them else without them, life or death could be like light or darkness – all would be same. So, considering what our readers requested for, we bring some yoga aasans for healthy eyes to help our readers see and live a beautiful world and life all around, forever.

Eyes problems these days are considered quite normal. Even if you go to a doc or ophthalmologist, he’ll tell you how the age of his or her patients have come from 40’s to barely 10’s, in many cases. Even the young ones are seen wearing contact lenses or spectacles in class 3rd or 4th, to mention a few. “Wearing spectacles do not treat eye problems but they are only scientific remedies to control the damage that has been caused to eyes due to genetic issues, over exposure to television or computer, lack of balanced diet, lack of Vitamin-A in diet, mental tension, poor lighting while reading, reading while sitting in moving vehicles, watching television excessively, pollution, wrong and poor eating habits etc,” says yoga expert Neetu Sharma.

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Most of us go to an eye doctor straight down and start with medication and spectacles but not many are aware that yoga can help us strengthen our eye muscles, if done properly. To sharpen your eye muscles and relaxing your eyes, yoga has several useful exercises and lots of postures that can cure eye problems.

Despite various yoga exercises such as Sarvangasana, Sheershasana, Singhasana, Jal Neti, Tratak etc., yoga recommends following exercises/postures for healthy eyes:



This is the oldest and most common thing that most people used to do after getting up in the morning – Rub your palms and when you feel the warmth on your palms, gently place your palms on your eyes.

* Move while concentrating on thumb nail or tip of thumb

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Sit straight and raise your right hand to the shoulder level in front of your eyes. Concentrate on the tip of your thumb and now slowly start moving your hand towards right hand side while concentrating on the same point (thumb nail). Slowly come back to the starting position. Here the speed of moving one hand should remain uniform and in control. Repeat the same for 6-8 times. After completion, repeat the entire exercise very slowly with your left hand.

After completing the exercise with both hands, relax your eyes for 5-10 seconds and after relaxing your eyes, repeat the same exercise upwards& and downwards. Now do circular movement of arm and keep concentrating on your thumb nail. Repeat the action with other hand also. There should not be more than 5 to 6 repetitions of each exercise.


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Sit in any comfortable position facing the wall at a peaceful location. Now, stick a small spot (bindi) on the wall on your eye level. Sit around 1 meter away from that spot. Now concentrate on that spot without blinking your eyes till your eyes begin to shed tears. This is a great exercise in order to help kids build focus or kids with poor concentration. Even schools are giving such exercises to school kids these days at home.

* Singhasana

In this asana, try concentrate on your centre point of forehead (centre point of eyebrows). Look at the centre of eyebrows, starting from 15 seconds and gradually increasing as per your capacity.

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Besides, there are exercises such as Sheershasana (or Headstand), Sarvangasana (or Shoulder Stand) and Urdhva Padmasana in Sarvangasana, that are useful as they bring down all the impure blood of the body to the heart which is processed and then sent to the head area i.e. eyes, ears, nose, brain and throat and improves their functioning. But these three come with a warning advice: They are strictly prohibited for those having retinal ailments, injuries in eyes, blood pressure and heart patients as all these asanas increase blood pressure in the body.

(Yoga expert Neetu Sharma has spent last 18 years indulging in her passion for yoga and physical fitness. Besides being specialized in hormonal related disorders in women, she is a qualified fitness trainer who has been awarded with two state level gold medals for her yoga expertise.)


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