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Best Lemon Juice Uses & Benefits – Most Rated List

We all know about lemon and what it does, but have you ever thought about this citrus fruit in a way other than what all the people around you say or claim? Apart from weight loss and skin cleansing, do you know what this fruit can do for your body? I believe many of you might be scratching your heads in  confusion right now! Well, worry not, that’s why I am here. In this article, you will discover amazing lemon benefits.

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Before proceeding, lets get a flashback:

The lemon is a magical tree ,this yellow fruit has been used for both culinary and non culinary purposes for many years and still, you can spot this in every other household. Ancient Egyptians believed that eating lemons or drinking hot lemon water is an effective protection against a variety of poisons. Thanks to lemon’s strong anti-bacterial and antiviral properties, the citric fruit works as a good immunity booster and liver cleanser. (Guess, that’s why nobody ever questioned its existence!)

Lemon juice can be used by drinking it or by just applying it , people swear by its qualities and effectiveness both ways. So friends let us see what it has and how is it effective- when you have it or apply it.

Minerals Found – Vitamin C makes the most part of the fruit. Vitamin A, Iron, Pectin Fiber, Niacin, Thiamine, Potassium and Vitamin A are though present in small amounts. A glass of lemon juice contains less than 25 calories (so, not a problem for those calorie watchers).


When you apply it:

Lemon juice is acidic in nature and is rich in vitamin C and other minerals, applyinglemon juice can irritate skin sometimes so the best way suggested is diluting the juice with water and then applying it. Now that you know how to use lemon juicefor skin let’scheckout the benefits one by one too.

Scars and blemishes
Applying lemon juice to scars and blemishes helps as it is acidic in nature and has bleaching capabilities. Regular application helps in slowly diminishing the scars and bleaches the blemishes naturally. This shows the difference.


Acne reduction: If you are tired of applying creams and gels for acne, try using lemon juice – it has antibacterial qualities which help in not only treating the infections but also reduce the further outbreak.


Exofoliates: Lemon juice is a very natural and gentle exofoliator too, the citric acid in the juice works as a chemical peel and removes the top dead skin layer, exposing a younger skin layer that is fresh and smooth.


Skin whitening & BrighteningLemon juice since ages is being used for brightening and whitening skin along with other ingredients like tomato, honey or gram flour. Tomato juice is a natural bleach so it definitely helps in reducing tan and moderately bleaching skin cells for lighter colour.


Anti-aging remedy: Did you know using lemon juice helps you fight all the initial signs of aging , like fine lines , age spots and blemishes?Yes , trust me on this using this juice helps you rejuvenate your skin everyday that too naturally without going in for any expensive treatments. If you use it continuously this will definitely help you see the changes. So, just do it and enjoy a delayed aging system.


Blackhead removal and treatment: This magical juice also helps you in removing blackheads, this is due to its oil control properties. Regular use of lemon juice on blackheads every night and keeping it overnight will help you reduce and get rid of black heads completely.


Oil Control: Lemon juice helps you in controlling oil secretions by balancing the ph levels. This in turn reduces acne , blackheads and rashes and dullness due to oily skin. Mixing lemon juice with vodka dn witch hazel gives  you a misture that is perfect for pil control and applying it daily makes you see visible differences.


Moisturizing your skin: Lemon juice along with honey will help you keep your skin supple and moisturized always. Skin moisturizing is very important for cell renewal and to keep looking young and fresh.


In short lemon juice application helps you maintain your skin health and its use is magical and relieves all common skin problems. The only thing i would recommend is if you aregoing through all the processes and using lemon juice everyday, keep away from sun light as lemon makes your skin photo sensitive.

When you Drink this juice:

Here comes the most important step. How to prepare hot lemon water?


Take a full ripe lemon (if you weigh under 150 pounds, half a lemon is enough), remove seeds, and then squeeze it into a glass (you can use a squeezer if you cannot do that with hands). You need to add lukewarm water to this citric juice and NOTE: do not add cold water as that can shock your internal system and prevent you from enjoying the many benefits.

Precaution – Whenever you drink hot lemon water, make sure, you do not brush your teeth for at least half an hour as the acids in the juice are believed to erode tooth enamel.


Now, let’s get acquainted with the amazing benefits of drinking lemon water every morning (yes, right after waking up, gulping down a glass of lemon water does wonders!).

Treats ConstipationLemon water does more than just helping you melt away that fat. The hot citric water helps in infusing water into dried stool – a common reason why people remain constipated. The warm water kick starts your bowel movements and helps you experience constipation free motions.


Weight LossYou all have heard about it. Though, there is no scientific evidence about how much the hot
lemon water helps to shed, yet people swear by this benefit. All you have to do is drink a glass on an empty stomach and you are going to lose weight within weeks. How? The juice helps ease digestion and keep cravings at bay. That prevents you from overeating and you automatically eat less. Along with that, the hot lemon water boosts metabolism (a mechanism of your body that help burn excess fat and convert that to energy).


Treats Digestion ProblemsYou all know fiber is your stomach’s friend. The hot lemon water soothes digestive system and ease down the functioning of your body. What many people are unaware of is the fact that lemon water helps your liver produce more bile, which further helps I breakdown of complex foods better and in this way, your body absorbs maximum nutrients out of the food you eat. (You are going to burp a lot after drinking this and that would be a good sign).


Boost your Immune SystemVitamin C is said to boost immunity levels of the body and lemon has plenty of it. As per various researches, vitamin C helps increase your body’s ability to absorb iron and iron is an again an important compound for higher immunity. And the results would be, less cold and infections. (So, make it a routine to drink a glass daily).


Skin hydration & RenewalDo not let aging attack your skin and be ‘forever young’ by gulping down a glass of hot lemon water every morning. Do not bother yourself, let me tell you how is it possible? Lemons have antioxidants and they help combat free radical damage. Free radicals are responsible for wrinkles. And when you fight these harmful radicals, there is no way that wrinkles can touch you (how dare they!). Vitamin C also helps in boosting collagen – an important compound that keeps skin elastic and firm.


Balance pH LevelsToo much acidity in the body can lead to inflammation and what can be better than lemon water? Lemons are one of the most alkalizing foods and helps the body manage pH levels. So, next time, when you feel you have been eating too heavy and can result into acidity problem, try having a glass of lemon water.

Prevent you from UTI. Urinary track infections (for women, it’s a blessing!)Lemon water is a diuretic, which means, it encourages the production of urine. More loo breaks mean less toxins in the body and a healthy purified system. This also prevents growth of infection causing bacteria by managing the pH level of the urinary tract.


Fights bad Breath (No need of those chemical laden mouth fresheners)By acting as a disinfectant, lemon water helps in killing bad bacteria in the mouth. A glass of hot lemon water is also a healthier wake up call than coffee. And if you are concerned over lemon water eroding your tooth enamel, rinse your mouth with fresh water after drinking it. (Problem solved)!


Promotes HealingVitamin C promotes wound healing in the body and lemons are a rich source of the same. Also, Vitamin C is also useful in maintaining healthy bones, cartilage and tissues. Lemon water helps in calming inflammation in the body. Seems like, you are discovering more and more reasons to at least drink a glass of lemon water daily!

Detoxifies BodyLemon contains an antioxidant known as d-limonene – also found in oranges. D-Limonene is known to activate enzymes in the liver that are responsible for Phase 1 and Phase 2 detoxification. In this process, the compounds present in the liver that are harmful to the cells are converted to non-harmful versions. In this way, you get rid of toxins.


Good for your Mood and Energy LevelsIf you do not consider yourself a morning person and most of the times, stay captivated with lethargy, lemon water can prove to be a boon for you. Many times, toxins present in the body are mainly responsible for the lethargy and with the help of lemon water, you can kick that away and feel fresh. Water, on the other hand, works as a freshener as it helps supply fresh blood to your brain. This is not it, the scent of lemon is also known to be a natural relaxant, needless to say, helps freshen up your mood.


Clear and Glowing SkinWe all desire a clear skin and lemon’s cleansing properties can assist in that. Along with purifying your blood, it also helps in the production of new blood cells.


Brain BoosterSeems like Vitamin C is a warehouse of benefits. Potassium in lemons helps in boosting brain and nerve functions that can help you be more alert and focused. So, for a day full of energy, alertness, drinking a glass of lemon water is recommended.


Rehydrates after a Strenuous WorkoutThough there are plenty of sports drink that do the job, but as per a recent study, it has been found that lemon water too works well for re-hydrating body. After an energetic workout, now you can fulfill your body’s hydration needs by gulping down a glass of lemon water.


Controls Blood PressureLemons have potassium that is known to better health problems. People suffering from high blood pressure, nausea, and dizziness are often given lemon water as it provides a calming sensation to both the body and mind. Lemon water is also said to reduce depression and mental stress.


Apart from all the above uses there are some not so very common but definitely worth reading uses of lemon too , which you can read and get benefited from !! Click here to read.

I am sure you are now more interested in this fruit now than you were when you began reading this piece of information. So, begin practicing this healthy habit and do share what all benefits you are experiencing.

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