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4 Different Ways To Get Rid Of Body Hair!

Having body hair is common but having them in excess can often drag you to an embarrassing situation and it also makes you look untidy and messed up. Most of the times we are not able to wear our favorite dresses and skirts and this feeling is bad.

From a long time, we have heard that shaving and waxing are the only ways to get rid of body hair but with the advancement of technology there other procedure too through which we can remove unwanted hair. As women, we always look for the best procedure to get rid of this and the one which has long lasting effect. And most of us are confused to make a choice among the available alternatives.

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So, in this article, we have shared different ways to remove body hair and the various pros and cons related to it.

1. Waxing

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It is the most famous and popular method for removing body hair. This process involves the application of a thick layer of wax and then pulling out that sticky wax with the help of the cotton cloth. After this, it is very important to apply moisturizer as the skin becomes dry.


• Have long lasting results
• Make the skin smooth
• Organic and skin friendly products are used to make the wax.
• With the time, your visible hair becomes thinner.
• It also helps in exfoliating the skin.
• It also helps to remove tan.


• It is very painful.
• Unsuitable for a sensitive area like bikini area.
• And it can also lead to rashes in that area.

2. Electrolysis

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It is an another method to rid of body hair effectively. In this process, the center of the hair growth is destroyed completely. And this is the reason why this method is considered as an effective way to remove hair permanently. It is relatively painless as compared to waxing. This method is mostly used in abroad there is no such facility available in India till now.


• No pain
• Effective way to remove hair permanently
• Makes the skin smooth
• Cheaper than laser method.


• Requires multiple sessions to get rid of body hair.
• Redness of skin can happen because of this procedure but it fades with the time.

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3. Laser hair removal

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This method is gaining popularity as the best method to remove body hair because of its several benefits. In this process, a concentrated light is focused on the hair follicles from the roots. And the best part is, this process has no adverse effect on the skin.


• The result of this method lasts for few years but after you will see some fine hair growing.
• It has no side effects.
• Also, it gives smooth skin.


• It is very expensive.
• Multiple sessions are required to remove hair.

4. Bleaching

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Technically, it is not a hair removal method it will only bleach your hair and will blend it with the colour of your skin and makes it almost invisible.


• It is painless but has a tingling sensation.
• It is a quick and easy method.
• Results for 2-3 weeks


• Doesn’t offer soft skin.
• Not suitable for all skin types.


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