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2016 has made a stride with some of the surprises in its kitty. With this note I will move on to some of the movies having its own worth. Yes, I am talking about the ‘Biopics’ that will surely make a mark on the viewers like every time. Every biopic has its individuality and a different storyline. Well, keeping that in mind I am going to mention some of the latest flicks that will make you literally go and watch.

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Biopics are basically a subject of a documentary based on biographical approach but this is on a small screen whereas movies are for a long interval of time that is why it is showed on the silver screen. Biopic is basically based on an individual depicting true life events.

Bollywood has been producing such masterpieces for so long and viewers usually cherish them. Here it goes a compilation of such flicks going to release in this year.

Airlift- Jan 22

This movie is based on the true life event happened in the era of ‘Saddam Hussain’. It happened long ago in Kuwait in 1990. Several Indians were trapped in this incident and some were rescued as well. It was home to 170,000 Indians who were suddenly uprooted. That is when wealthy Kuwait-based Indian businessman Ranjit Katyal helped in sending his citizens back to India safely. They were airlifted using 488 flights in 59 days creating it to the Guinness Book of World Records. Nimrat Kaur is playing a brilliant role in this and keeping a support to that Akshay Kumar adds an extra element.

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I think it’s a must watch!

Neerja- Feb 19

This movie will make your eyes filled with tears, I am sure. You will get to see the very talented actress Sonam Kapoor playing the role of Neerja Bhanot who was only 22 years old when she lost her life in the Pan Am Flight 73 highjack. This brave heart girl saved several lives of Americans but dint care for herself.

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Now that’s called heroism, hats off to her!

Mohenjo Daro- Aug 12

This movie is based on the ‘Indus valley civilization’ that is a part of medieval history. Ashutosh Gowariker has directed this movie with loads of patience and perseverance. The back drop as well as the screenplay is the strongest part in this. The best part is our very own actor ‘Hrithik Roshan’ playing the lead role very sportingly. Take a look over the movie to know more.

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Fan- April 15

Fan is basically a combination of fiction and real life where ‘Shah Rukh Khan’ plays double role in which one is he himself and the other is he playing the character of his ‘FAN’. This is a must watch movie.

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Sarbjit- May 20

This is based on the life of an Indian farmer ‘Sarbjit Singh ‘who was convicted of terrorism and spying, for this he also had a 22 year imprisonment. Watch the movie for knowing more on this. Randip Hooda plays the main character in this.

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Dhoni- September 2

As the name suggests it’s based on the life of Dhoni. It also shows and gives us the whole life story of cricketer ‘M S Dhoni’. Do watch the movie for knowing more.

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Azhar- May 13

The former captain of the Indian cricket team has his own story. Azhar was known for his beautiful front strokes and more which is given in the movie. The lead character in this is played by Imran Hashmi. Now that will surely be an add on as an extra element. I am sure you will go to see the marvellous acting of this actor.

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Rustom- Aug 12

This movie is again going to give a masterstroke for sure. Director Neeraj Pandey has given his best pieces through Special 26 and Baby. But this time it’s a romantic thriller, so what are you waiting for? Go and have a glimpse of this flick.

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Getting a freak on excitement. Yes this synopsis of the movies will give you more as you watch it, so go and have a look!

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