Bridal Beauty: 5 Skincare Tips for Brides-To-Be

The Shaadi season is on now and I’m sure that many of the pretty women reading this blog post are ready to walk the aisle in just a few days. The brides-to-be worry about many things before their Big Day, one of them being their bridal glow.

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The bridal glow packages are some things I personally don’t believe in. Let’s keep things natural as they are. They also put a lot of burden on the already weighing down budget.

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Today we’re going to share some skincare tips so that you can look your charming best on your wedding day. Start taking notes!

1. Ditch the Soap and Face Wash
They are convenient, but they can be a bit harsh on your skin. Just a few days before the big day, keep your face wash and soaps aside. Use a mixture of besan and milk to clean your body. You can add a pinch of turmeric to clean get rid of impurities. Use this mixture to wash your face twice daily. You can also use oil cleansing methods for the glowing skin.

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2. Don’t Use Toners Containing Parabens
Say no to parabens once and for all. Use pure rose water to tone your skin. you can use green tea to tone your skin.

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3. Body Tan Removal
Avoid stepping out of your house during the peak hours of sun rays. Even if you do, use a broad-spectrum sunscreen. Carry an umbrella. Use curd to get rid of tanned skin. Curd will hydrate your skin and lighten the dark skin.

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4. Moisturize Your Skin
It is already winters. Don’t forget to hydrate and moisturize your skin properly. Makeup doesn’t look good on dry and parched skin. Drink lots of water and massage your skin with olive oil. Use a hydrating body lotion twice a day. Use a night cream to replenish your skin.

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5. Get Facial Once in 21 Days
Not more than that not less than that! Excessive facials will do more harm than good. Choose the facial according to your skin type. You can also get some homemade facials done.

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If you’re set to get married in three months, then you can surely get benefits from these skincare tips. However, these are not hard and fast. You can set your skincare regime according to your skin type.

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