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Coffee and Its Magic

Want to have a cup of coffee! Yes, coffee is preferred more than tea by the office folks loaded with pile of stress due to its caffeine content. Coffee has been considered the most consumed drink that removes sleep from every part of your body.

Coffee is basically generated from coffee beans which are procured in a very hard way. People drink it to get their headache away, it really helps a lot for the people who are awaken at night like owls to energize them to the most. Coffee actually has a magical wand in its taste which attracts us toward it.

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Here are some type of coffee flavors which people have it commonly:

Expresso: This is basically a taste that is very genuine and a bit different. It’s made of seven grams of specially roasted coffee extracted from the expresso machine.
Cappuccino: It has a smooth creamy texture but the flavor is harder as it consist more amount of coffee powder.

Americano: It is a brewing expresso added with hot water.

Latte: This has a bit lighter taste as it has more content of milk than coffee.

Cafe Mocha: It is a chocolate flavor variant of coffee, which tastes absolutely amazing.

Caramel Macchiato: It has a small amount of milk added.so it tastes absolutely great.

These are tastes that are available in India and outside both. The best among these is cappuccino and latte which is my personal favorite as well. It’s very strong and gives you relief if it’s made in a good way. By various surveys it has been considered as the most exported in India and outside because its bit hard and tastes good as well.

At times people make it themselves at their places in their own styles. Latte has also made its hold in a very sheepish way. Iced coffee or cold coffee is also very famous and are kept in many restaurants as well as places. We have considered it as one of the best beverage.

The seeds from the berries are taken out and bought up cleaned and washed then poured in a vessel for the further process. The seeds have a very strong smell due to which, it stays better when we drink. You will be shocked to know that there is “Green coffee” that is traded in a lot of amount.

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You can’t hide the passion for this subject as it is uttermost preference by the people. It’s filled with energy that boosts your inner self. It has its tradition since decades which proves a lot with it. But on the either side coffee should be taken in lesser amount as it is very hard which can damage your liver so you should surely take care of that.

Overall, it’s an amazing drink to grasp anyways, so go for it!!


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