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Contouring- The Best Way To Do It

Contouring is one makeup technique which has taken the makeup world by the storm. If you are still not aware of this term, let me enlighten you that contouring is the technique of sculpting your face by using makeup. You can sculpt, sharpen up and add depth to any part of your face such as your cheeks, nose, forehead and even your chin with the help of this technique.

For those who know about this trick must have tried it out and have failed miserably in the first few attempts. While contouring your face, there are a few basic rules that you need to follow. If you follow these rules and keep an eye on the finer details then contouring would be no less than a cakewalk for you.

Here are the steps to get it right each and every time.

1. Start with an even base- The first and basic rule that you need to follow before starting with contouring is to get an even base. Use a foundation which matches your skin tone to even out your complexion. If you are going to use powder contouring products to contour your face then do dust your face with some loose powder so that the powders blend really well into the skin. You can skip the powder if you are going for cream contour products.

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2. Choose a matte bronzer- One thing that you certainly should never compromise with is the bronzer. And by that, I mean that you must use a matte bronzer to contour your face and not a shimmery one. We are using the bronzer to contour the face and not to highlight, so make sure the bronzer is matte. Choose a bronzer which is two shades darker than your skin tone for a natural look.

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3. Blend it- The last thing which I cannot emphasize enough on is to blend the contour really well so that it looks like a natural shadow and not like a line created with a dark foundation on your face. Once you have applied the contour colours on your face, you need to blend them really well so as to give the illusion of a natural shadow. Use a good quality and densely packed blending brush to make everything look seamless.

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