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How to Deal with Stress and Its Causes the Easy Way!

A few days back I read this amazing quote in a friends office I visited, it said –

“You call it gray hair???

I call it Stress Highlights!!”

Now thats called I give a damn to the devil attitude… or plain ****ed up-ness, which ever you chose! Here are some of the most common situations and feelings that trigger stress in individuals easily.

  • Ill health- Health when not in a good state may trigger stress. Body pain, mental fatigue, illness, diseases, infections, conditions etc play important role in adding stress to one’s life.
  • Anger- It is one of the most negative feelings of a human being. It does nothing but ruins the situation completely. Therefore one needs to stay away from it. Whenever you feel angry you can practice the relieving exercises like counting till ten or diverting your attention to something else for overtaking the situation.
  • Jealousy- Another negative feeling that causes useless stress! Why to be envious of others. Those who are not jealous of anyone are more stress free than those who are. Therefore accept the reality and the individual differences rather than surrendering to jealous.


  • Fear- Fear and fright are again the leading agents of stress. You exert pressure on your mental faculties when you are feared of something or someone. This not only triggers fear but also affects our performance adversely.
  • Competition- Competition can be healthy or unhealthy for you depending upon how sportingly you take it. You have to understand the dynamics of competitiveness and absorb only the positive ones. This ways you’ll not only be relieved from stress but will also be able to achieve your goals in life.
  • Fights- Disputes and fights are the storehouse of stress. You experience tensions, worries and anxiety along with several negative feelings like fear, anger, jealousy, hatred etc at the same time which all together make you feel more stressed and often depressed after the disputes.


  • Low Performance- Low performance is yet another cause of stress in one’s life. Many times people undertake immense stress only because they had performed low in certain activities of their lives. Here they do not understand that ups and downs are nothing but the part of life. They feel helpless in improving upon the performance which is actually false. They can improve but only if they wish to.

The best way it never to duck down in any situation that tests you!! Life is like that, its a TEST you are! Remember what virus tell his freshmen students?

Life is like a Race! If you don’t run fast you will be a BROKEN ANDAA!!


Alright, I get it you are stressed! Let me help you by giving you some easy food tips to cool down… ever bothered STRSSED is DESSERTS spelled backwards!! Though my list does not all contain desserts, but is scientifically proven to be helpful anyways1

Stress Relieving Foods to help you Fight Stress!!

Foods can help you fight stressful situations as well. And when I will tell you which are the ones that help you the most you will be amazed to know that you already eat many of them. Eating is surely the easiest way to beta tress but you need to make sure that you eat healthy stuff or else you will keep on gaining weight and this will not be healthy and good for you. So without much ado, let me tell you few foods that you should consider eating under stressful conditions.

These foods will help you fight stress, check out….


  • Dark Chocolate – The sweet treat is full of flavonoids and they can help you relax. Relaxation is good for your mind, so you can easily go ahead with eating them. You can have some while watching your favourite TV show or anytime when you think you are feeling down. Just make sure the chocolate is rich in cocoa before indulging.
  • Spinach – While this might be the last thing that you would want to eat while in sad mood but you should eat it as spinach contains lot of magnesium and this is known to fight stress. Not only this, but it also helps in keeping your BP under check so that you remain calm and cool.
  • Oatmeal – The most fulfilling meal and indeed the very effective when you are stressed. The complex carbohydrate helps your body produce serotonin, which is a happy hormone and this relaxes you down. This also reduces the symptoms of anxiety. Plus you will feel fuller for longer and thus avoid overeating, so kill two birds with one stone next time!
  • Walnuts – Just one ounce of walnuts can keep stress sand anxiety at bay for you! This happens because this out a full stop on your escalating BP and this calms you down and thus you fight over stress. So have them and manage stress with a good weapon in hand.
  • Sunflower Seeds – It lets your brain produce feel good chemicals and thus you response better to your emotional fatigue. So you can also indulge in them next time when you are sad.
  • Blueberries – They are rich in antioxidants and this can help you fight against free radicals that cause stress. A handful of berries and you are good to go. Just think, chilled berries and your heated mind, I am sure the combination will work!


So next time, when you are angry or stressed, try having these foods and you will surely stay happy!


keep reading, foods are not always a solution to control stress. Here is more on how to deal with stress!

Stay Happy and Stress Free by Adapting these Measures!!

Let me throw light on various ways through which you can handle the situations better and can remain stress free….

  • Time Management is the Key – Managing time is not only good for your professional life but it also helps you stay happy in your personal life as well. By managing time, you can easily put stressful situations at bay. How? Lets for example, if you wake up late then you are likely to skip lot many things in the morning and will reach office late and this will escalate your tension levels. So wake up early to avoid mismanagement.


  • Company of Good People -People who accompany you also make a lot of difference in your personal life. The happier people will be around you the happier you will become. This happens because what others think puts a greater impact on our minds and when we keep on listening to negative thoughts, it makes our mind stressful and we start taking unnecessary tensions.
  • Say Positive Things to Yourself – Rather than concentrating on the things that you have done wrong in the past, concentrate on the achievements. Think about the times when you have won appreciation. This will help you feel happy and confident about yourself and thus you are less likely to feel tensed.


  • Don’t Think too Much- Sometimes there are certain things in our life that we cannot change and that are beyond our control. So what would you get on thinking about that too much? You will just make yourself stressed. Let it go and this will settle soon, just be positive about everything.
  • Don’t Antagonize People- Every human being has the right to say what he/she feels? So let people be wise, irritating or stupid at times. And don’t bother yourself over the things that are not linked to you. You might have people that you dislike, simply ignore them and don’t pay much attention.


These tips will surely help you beat stress and stay happy and cool. All the best!


If you have more tricks and tips do share with us!

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