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DIY: How to Dye Your Hair using Lemon Juice

Hair colour is the kind of transformation which every girl secretly longs for. It is the best change a girl can undergo without altering much of her existing features. Unlike expensive cosmetic procedures like Botox or hair extensions, this is a quick way to change your look in a cheaper way.

If we discuss hair colour, there are many ways to colour your mane and modify your look. So there are countless natural ingredients which are potentially able to impart a colour to your hair like henna leaves, beetroot, indigo, etc.

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Lemon is already known among folks for its bleaching properties. But its bleaching properties have been kept confined to the skin only. Its utility in colouring the hair have not been discussed much yet. But did you know before that lemon juice can be used to dye your hair and get highlights on any type of hairstyle?

So here, we are putting in front of you a unique and lesser known technique to dye your hair at home. All you need is a lemon to go through a makeover.

As we know that lemon juice is acidic in nature therefore, it is not applied directly to the skin or the scalp of your hair. It might cause minor burns and irritation to your skin. So we need a medium which can dissolve the lemon juice and cater you with the benefits of it.

For making this DIY bleaching serum, you will be needing the following ingredients:

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  • Lemon Juice
  • 1 tbsp. Cinnamon powder
  • ukewarm Water
  • Conditioner
  • unscreen lotion
  • A spray bottle
  • Wide Tooth comb
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1. Pour some warm water in a glass or a plastic spray bottle and squeeze a lemon into it. Add a teaspoon of cinnamon powder to it and add 3-4 drops of your favourite conditioner. The conditioner is added so that your hair doesn’t turn dry. The dyeing practice is done under the sun so hair conditioner becomes mandatory to avoid breakage and brittleness of the hair.

2. The following step involves spraying the solution to your hair. Spray the solution to the desired part of your hair. Cover your hair properly with this solution.

3. If you wish to get overall highlights, you can ask someone else for assistance to apply this solution.

4. Don’t forget to put on sunscreen lotion to the areas which are open because further steps involve the harsh rays of the sun.

5. Lay down in the sun with your head out directly to the sun. Make sure that the sun rays fall on the desired area with full throttle.

6. Sit as such for 60 minutes so that the mixture successfully bleaches your hair.

7. Choose the time for performing this trick when you are able to stand the sun rays for long. Don’t try doing this trick at 12 noon. If you don’t sit long in the sun the results won’t be as impressive as it could be.

8. If you want to get the ombre effects on your hair, part your hair with a comb and spritz the mixture over the desired length of hair.

9. To dye or highlight the hair, lemon juice is the perfect resort for those who don’t want to spend extra bucks at the salon.
Now can you smile that you got the highlights of your dream, that too without burdening your pocket.

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