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Do Carrots Help in Easing Period Pain? Find It Out Here!

Period pain is the worst problem that women face on a monthly basis. While for some, those 5 difficult days of the month pass off just like any other day. There are many women for whom period is no less than havoc to their normal life. Period pain not only torments the bearer but also hampers the day to day life of a woman. Some of the period pains are so excruciating that it becomes nearly impossible to do your day to day chores.

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For such adverse conditions, carrot comes to the rescue. Carrot is fortified with numerous vitamins and minerals. Health experts have always acknowledged this veggie to be very beneficial for our health. Treating the period pain is one of many benefits carrots have for us. Let’s explore how carrots can help us get rid of the troublesome period pain.

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The painkillers which women take to ease down the period pain are helpful for the short span of time. But the long-term effects of pain killers are not impressive. Thus, you should go for the natural remedies to get rid of the period pain. Here are some reasons why carrots have proven to be successful in treating the period pain.

1. Carrots are Rich in Iron
Iron is needed to make up for the blood loss that occurs during the periods. It also helps in soothing the pain and also regularize your cycle.

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2. Rich in Beta Carotene
Beta-carotene is one of the major ingredients of carrot. The beta carotene is converted into the vitamin A which regularizes the blood flow and eases the blood flow.

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3. It is Rich in Fibre
The fibres in the carrots help in detoxifying the body from inside. This further eases the pain we experience during the periods.

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How to Consume Carrots During Periods Pain?

1. Carrot Juice
Peel 2-3 fresh carrots and slice them. Put them into the juicer and blend them well. Extract the juice and drink it twice a day to ease the menstrual pain.

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2. As Salad
Include carrots in your salads. Having carrots regularly will help you treat your period pain to a great extent. Even if your menstrual cycle is normal, eat carrots to boost your stamina.

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3. Eat Raw Carrots
If your period pain gets unbearable, grab a fresh carrot and chew it. It will ease the pain gradually and regularize the period flow.

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