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Don’t Give Up On Junk Food! Try These 9 Ways to Make Them Healthier!

Junk food addiction is a reality these days and age. Kids, as well as adults, are becoming more and more reliant on the junk foods. This is the reason why you’ll always see all the eateries around you jam-packed with people. There is no denial that giving up completely on the junk food is not an easy thing to do. But there is a mid-way to get your hands off the junk food. Check them out…

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1. Choose a Non-Creamy Salad Dressing
Eating salad is healthy but picking a creamy dressing is a no-brainer. When you’re out to eat something and you decide to munch on salad instead of the junk food, choose a salad dressing which is not creamy. Opt for a vinaigrette salad dressing to avoid munching on excess calories.

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2. Make the Sumptuous Pizza at Home
You can get the pizza base from the stores and prepare the toppings at your home. Use the low- fat cheese and extra veggie toppings to make your pizza healthier.

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3. Use Less Cheese
If you’re opting for eating out, then ask them for a lesser cheese version of what you want to eat. Use as little cheese as possible.

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4. Make Smoothies at Home
You can have a delicious fruity smoothie instead of junk food to curb your hunger pangs. It is rich in nutrients and antioxidants which your otherwise unhealthy foods are devoid of.

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5. Eat Grilled Instead of Fried
Instead of eating the fried Aloo Patty in the burgers, have them grille. Baked, grilled or boiled potatoes or meat is better than the fried items.

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6. Buy Whole Grain Bread in Place of White
Whole grain bread is a better alternate to the white bread. The whole grain bread is easier to digest than the regular white bread. They no doubt, cost a little more than the white bread. But the nutritional qualities of whole grain bread are worth every penny.

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7. Have Chunky French Fries
Confused? It is simple. The art of making healthier version of French fries lies in the slicing of potato fingers. When we slice the thin fries, they tend to absorb more oil. Slice thicker slices of potato and air fry them using an Air Fryer. Thicker fries absorb lesser oil than the thinner ones. Also, reduce the serving of fries to quarter.

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