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Drastic Transformation Of Zareen Khan That Zipped The Mouth Of All Body Shamers

Zareen Khan started off her journey in Bollywood with the movie Veer which didn’t do well on screens and at that time she got criticized by critics for her body weight and size. But when she appeared for an item song in the movie Ready she stunned everyone with her slimmer look and became the buzz in B-town.

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So, let’s have a look at the journey how Zareen Khan transformed herself from fat to fit:

1. The journey from 100 kilos to 57 kilos

You will be shocked to believe that Zareen Khan weighed 100 kilos in her teenage. She even revealed in media that “many of people from her friends and family suggested her to look over her weight but she ignored it because she wanted to pursue her career as a doctor and according to her there were no looks needed for being a doctor. But later when she was not able to fulfill her ambition she chose to be a model and decided to shed some kilos. And with her constant determination and proper diet plan she lost 43 kilos.

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2. Transforming workout regime of Zareen Khan

After shedding weight from 100 kilos to 57 kilos, and showing off her slimmer body in the item song, she worked harder and was seen slimmer and more toned in the movie Housefull 2. And this transformation was possible because of her gym instructor who made her do the best fitness training like Pilates, flips, swimming and even yoga. Zareen Khan never sticks to a particular workout regime she likes to opt for different workout routines.

3. Zareen Khan’s diet for a slimmer body

If you guys are thinking that she might have starved herself to get this smoking hot figure. Well, you are wrong. Because Zareena Khan followed the right diet which consists of a lot of fruits, veggies and protein. During an interview, she revealed that she hates the concept of dieting and her trainers create a workout for her that is just for 20 minutes because she is not able to pull off 1-hour workout routine.

This is what her diet mainly consists of:

• For Breakfast: two egg whites with brown bread toast, fruits and sprouts.
• For lunch and dinner: Grilled chicken, pan fried vegetables and brown rice.
• And for snacks: sprouts, coconut water and soups.

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4. And this is how she shamed all the body shamers

Came across these pics of mine from school and college days. (White one was in std 9th & pink one was right after my std 12th exams). Whn I look at these pics I feel proud of myself today not tht I felt any lesser abt myself back then. Inspite of being so big I never let ppl's comments or ideas abt me bother me. Bcoz it's my life and my body and only I hav the right to decide wht I'm gonna do with it. Then one day I decided let me try how it feels to b a little lighter and hence started my weight loss journey. It wasn't easy at all bt everytime I looked at the Progress in the mirror I got the push to do more. I had lots more energy than before and I was loving every bit of this new person I was transforming into. Whn I became a part of this industry, I had lost all my weight … Infact I was asked to put on weight Fr my first film to look the character. Unfortunately I was criticised to no end Fr my weight bt again I never let tht get to me. How cud I ? Those ppl had not seen me like the way I am in these pics here. And Fr me everything was jus an achievement to reach frm where I was to where I am. I continued on my fitness journey irrespective Bcoz fitness Fr me is a way of life now. Along with the weight loss came a lot of stretch marks bt instead of feeling ashamed of it and trying to hide it , I believe in flaunting it . It makes me feel like a tigress with her stripes. I have come a long way in this journey of fitness and I still hav a long way to go… Bt it's always been only Fr myself and not Bcoz of ppl shaming me ! #IWillBeMe #MondayMotivation #SayNoToBodyShaming #LoveYourself

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Zareen Khan is even supporting the cause of #SayNoToBodyShaming and even posted a pic on her Instagram account showing her support for the cause and for which she was also made a buzz in media.

Zareen Khan is a true inspiration for many ladies who are facing the problem of obesity and who are constantly been criticized by body shamers.

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