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Essential Foods for Healthy Teeth Whitening at Home!!

White teeth mean being kiss ready… I don’t but the TV commercials do say so!! Though I do tend to agree, whiter teeth, nice and fresh smelling mouth and oral  does hygiene increase your chances to be kissed! But if you thought of the infamous and iconic line Rakhi Sawant, our desi Kim Kardashian, said some time back – ‘jo bhagwan nahi deta wo doctor de sakta hai’ (I may be wrong in quoting her… don’t mind a few words here and there!) What I am trying to suggest here is that its easy making your teeth whiter with the help of things you can get from your pantry naturally at home!


Do you know that a shiny white smile can be achieved naturally? Yes you can do that just by altering few foods. So get on the ride and let me take you through the easy journey.

Teeth Whitening in a Natural and Tasty Way-

Here is the list of foods for Teeth Whitening at Home:

  • Fiber Rich Fruits and vegetables like apples, carrots, celery helps in massaging the gums. They also ensure good production of saliva that helps neutralizing the effect of acids. Foods that are rich in Vitamin C are also good for your mouth as they help in keeping gums healthy.


  • Plain Sugar Free Yogurt is your best friend when it comes to fight with germs. The good bacteria that yogurt includes help in fighting against the bad ones present and thus support your healthy smile and white teeth.
  • A Cup of Green Tea will also do wonders for you. It contains catechin that helps in fighting the bacteria that causes plaque and bad breath problems.
  • Say Cheese! To support your tooth enamel you need to buckle up with cheese consumption. It is a rich source of calcium, Vitamin D that helps in rebuilding it. It also helps in maintaining mouth’s PH level. So grab a piece after you finish your meal!
  • Kiwi contains maximum amount of Vitamin C. Lack of Vitamin can make your tooth tender and also vulnerable to breakage. So have a slice daily to add a zing to your smile!

vitamin c

  • Onions?? You might get surprised to know this, but yes onions when eaten as a salad that have antibacterial qualities to support your mouth. Though they cause a bad odor, yet their consumption is beneficial.

P.S. Do remember to pop up some mint after eating onions.

  • Mint Leaves also help you refresh your mouth. So keep them handy and chew on them whenever necessary. You will surely feel revitalized and plus your mouth will smell great.


  • Sesame Seeds also work wonders as they act as a cleansing agent. They build tooth enamel and wash off plaque. They are rich in calcium thus preserve the bones that surround gums.
  • Strawberries are natural tooth whiteners, no, don’t eat them. Rather mash some and rub against your teeth, continue it for few weeks. And soon you will have a set of pearl whites at home!


  • Drinking Enough Water ensures that your gums are well hydrated. It acts as a defensive matter against cavities and plaque. So after every meal, don’t forget to gulp down a glass of water just like your father does!

Isn’t it amazing that you can help you mouth at home it? So, try and incorporate these changes to get a lovely smile as you always wished.

BTW… am I missing out on the instructions??

What Causes Teeth Stains?

Here What you Must Avoid to Keep your Teeth from Staining-


  • Tea – I am talking about the regular tea! Green tea is fine but the regular tea stains your teeth.
  • Cola Drinks – cola can cause significant teeth staining… don’t think light colored aerated drink don’t stain teeth, they do!
  • Junk Food – Refined flour I the main ingredient in junk food which sticks to your teeth and causes staining.
  • Sauces – Specially the deep colored sauces are believed to be having deeply coloring potential, thats because they contain more


  • Sweets – candies, pop sickles, chewing gums etc generally contain teeth staining colors. Don’t make indulging in sweets a regular habit.
  • Smoking – smoking causes not only bad odor and bad breath but also cases staining which looks but drab and ugly… haven’t you noticed it on any smoker??
  • Wine – Wine has a really gross staining potential. It can stain your dress just as bad as your teeth.


Now What!!

So what to do…. I cant stop having any or all of these right away!!

Is this bothering you?? Don’t worry there are easy ways to deal with this! And the Best Answer is – MODERATION!!


  • Straw it! Beverages are supposed to least harm your teeth color when sipped with a straw.. I don’t have any scientific proof, but it does, I believe, work!
  • Swallow! That’s another things that is making the round! Some people believe swallowing the stain causing food quickly helps avert teeth staining. Don’t know how far it works!! But its quite an option!
  • Swish it Off!! No, not switch off! The stain will remain there even if you dim the lights or simply switch off! Better make swishing off your mouth with water a habit after whatever you eat or drink. Water washes off the staining potential of the food you have just consumed.

oral hygeine


Make use of these easy teeth whitening at home tips and enjoy whiter teeth and brighter smile.

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