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Everything You Need To Know About Sunscreens!!

All the ladies are smart enough to know that they should apply sunscreen before facing the harmful UV rays of sun but we actually don’t know how to how it, in what quantity to use it and how frequently to use it. After applying sunscreen for once, we believe that we are safe for the whole day but that’s just a myth, ladies! You are still not protected! Let’s know how to safeguard your skin from the perilous rays…

Apply Sunscreen To All The Exposed Areas

You believe that you have applied sunscreen to your face and you are done with it.  No!!! Apply it on all the exposed areas of your body, be it your hands, ears and neck. They also need to be protected and not just your face!

Apply Sunscreen in Enough Quantity

Don’t believe in saving your sunscreen because that small amount of it is not going to work. You are kind of wasting it if you are using it too little. Apply in a good quantity so that pores of your skin can soak it and really protect your skin.

Apply Sunscreen Even On Cloudy Days

You believe that the sun does all the damage to your skin and you skip applying it on cloudy days. Right? Wrong… you are doing wrong to your skin. You may not know but UV rays are strong enough to pass through the clouds. Apply sunscreen every day, even if the sun isn’t shining.

Reapply Sunscreen After A Few Hours

If you are enjoying on a beach, there are more chances of your sunscreen to confiscate in just a few hours because of sweat. Sunscreen on our face does not last for a longer time because we remove it with napkin while sopping the sweat or unknowingly touching our face at times. So, it’s better to re-apply sunscreen if we are out in the sun for a longer period.

Apply Sunscreen 15 Minutes Before Heading Out

Usually, we apply sunscreen when we are about to leave our home but that’s a wrong way of application, girls! Sunscreen needs to get absorbed completely into the skin before we face the sunrays. The perfect time of application is 15-20 minutes before going out.

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Well, these are tidbit of things that we usually miss but if we take care of these measures, we will definitely save our skin from sun damage and can help skin look young and gorgeous for longer!

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