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Few Unexplored weekend getaways in India: TOP 5

Wow!! Our country has so much to bequeath… be it the mystical places or the artistic elements. I am really amazed with the virtues, so keeping a note to that I have something you would love to discover. Well, it’s related to the weekend getaways that also can be called as the buried gems. As you all know 2016 has kept its captivating step towards us with a plethora of the opportunities, people always have a little or more urge to invade places and make the most of it. Which is why traveling always enriches our experiences in terms of various cultures, rituals, and sometimes mind-sets. Discovery somewhere gets exposed out of this traveling thing. So, let’s find out some of the amazing places for your weekend’s fun.

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I know you have explored a lot but here I will list some of the unexplored places that will surely make your adrenaline rush!!

Lachung, Yumthang and the Zero Point

Sounds bit wacky but the place has its amazing scenic variations that you must witness for sure. The frozen lands and valleys over the Himalayas with the drop of water spread on the sheath clicks a very different view in our eyes. As the name suggests the temperature over there is nil which again adds on to the beauty of the environment over there, the picturesque mountains and selfie points creates a circle in our mind. I think you should surely visit this place to live those vibes once.

zero pointImage Source:http://realbharat.org/

Hampi, Karnataka

This site again carries its own individuality. Historically as well as religiously it is renowned for obvious reasons. The rivers as well as the outer parts of the place includes 500 significant monuments in which Virupaksha Temple is the most prominent one. It is also said that it is situated on the very famous river ‘Tungabhadra’ which has its deep meaning. The drifts and sea creatures make it more interesting and fascinating.

hampi karnatakImage Source:https://bangaloreataglance.files.wordpress.com

You must take a look by visiting the place by your own!

Kolad, Maharashtra

Maharashtra is famous for its mystical ethics as well as the unseen elements. Kolad offers you the best activities like canoeing, paragliding and many more. The main attraction of this place is the river sided roads as well as the water bodies. The scenic beauty is seen basically when you go in November and February because it is considered as the most preferable time.

koladImage Source:https://adventurefanatic.files.wordpress.com

Kasol, Himachal Pradesh

This pristine place is filled with sceneries and landscapes that ramify a very smooth and beautiful atmosphere all around like the huts, resorts and club houses have that cool dew drops flowing through the roofs which looks so calm and beautiful. Cannabis culture also has a hidden history behind it. It’s basically a shelter that is dipped into the warmth of Himalayas. Keeping the flow let’s check out some more…

kasolImage Source:https://media-cdn.tripadvisor.com

Murud, Janjira

This place is situated in the outskirts of Pune. It is also considered as the strongest marine forts. This historical fort has left a mark on our minds with its dark stone monumental effects. You can take a round over the vintage style cores that are a symbol undefeated since the attacks of the Portuguese, Marathas etc. in overall it’s a great place to view and a must visit!

murud1Image Source:http://srrindia.org/

These were some of the hermetical spots that you would love to visit at weekends, just take a quick note for knowing it better!

Shruti Nath

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