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First Date Tips- How to Make Your First Date Romantic & Special?

The first date is very special when you get a chance to spend some quality time with that someone special, you need to be at your best naturally. It’s a mixed feeling, filled with loads of emotions, nervousness and excitement, all at once. The butterflies flying in your tummy and lots of questions and doubts buzzing in your mind-all makes it a heck of an experience. What dress/ clothes should I wear?

How to start the talk when I meet him/her, all this to be worked on in just a day- well if you are doing it the wrong way it will be too much and yet you will end up looking like a booboo.

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To save you from all this hassle and make your date a real perfect one, you just need to be you and rest will fall I place automatically.

Here, I have suggested some common tips that will really help you to make your first date a good impressive one and be less nervous about this whole affair!

Dress up:- It’s a famous quote that “First impression is the last impression” therefore, dress up is the first thing from where we should start. Mostly first-time daters get puzzled that how they should dress up for the date. The best thing is you should choose decent and sophisticated attires that makes you feel comfortable and confident. Don’t go for anything flashy or gaudy outfits, you don’t want to send any wrong message on your first date.

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Be on time:- Time is precious and nobody likes waiting for long hours. Try to reach on time for your date or if you are still late then courtesy is to inform the other one that you will be a little late and do apologize.

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Gift:- Carry some nice gifts such as flowers and chocolates to make him or her feel special and cared much on your first date.

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Don’t drink too much:- Having alcohol is common like wine with dinner on a first date. You should drink moderately to avoid creating any type of embarrassing moments.

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Don’t fart or scratch your private area:- Avoid farting, burps or scratching your private area on your first date. It feels very embarrassing and reflects your crude upbringing which creates a bad impression on the person who is sitting front of you. But, if you feel like doing this then go to the washroom, find a private place to do all this, why publicize it.

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Conservation starter:- Don’t ruin your first date by complaining about your work place, boss or those issues which are not worth it. Talk about yourself and ask him or her about their choices, dislikes and likes, after all you both are new to each other.

Conservation starterImage Source: https://collegecandy.files.wordpress.com

Avoid talking about sex:- First date SEX is totally prohibited, you can talk, spell or even say it in a flirty way too, everything can be taken wrong, so you need to be really careful Sooner or later talk about sex or any type of intimate level will come up, so why not wait for the right time. If ever you start discussing it, this will show that you are very easy to get into bed or you may have a list of exes before. So, be conversation confident and talk on other topics apart from Sex or your ex.

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Pay for the outing:- Normally, the boys insist to pay the bill, but it is always good to pay your share for the outing. This will show respect and offer peace of mind that he/she is not being used as a meal ticket.

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All the best for your date.


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