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GREYS TO GRACE- Yoga for Healthy Hair


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Here, in this concluding part of Greys to Grace! series, we bring forth the benefits of some yoga aasans for our readers. Yoga, practiced all over the world today, is one of the most ancient methods to keep oneself hale and hearty. And, if you follow the same with all your interest and heart into it, yoga offers deep rooted benefits that could actually affect deep down and help root out premature greying and many other hair related problems. Yoga has the remedy to help you keep your hair healthy and graceful, forever.

As we have already shared innumerable people in these stressful times are experiencing greyness. And unfortunately, now same goes for school and college going children as well. “Needless to say, it all affects their confidence at a very young age,” says Neetu Sharma, a yoga expert, who feels it is a matter of great concern for men and women of almost all ages.
Our yoga expert brings one of the oldest body strengthening therapies that has helped many in not only maintaining healthiness of hair but has also strengthened other body parts. “Yoga offers such amazing aasans and kriyas that could help you get relief from different ailments, resulting in healthy hair and restricted hair fall,” shares the expert.
Here are some aasans:

# Sarvangasana:

This activity helps in improving blood circulation to the heart and brain that further results in boosting memory power. As practicing this regularly improves the blood circulation to the scalp, this helps in treating premature greying and falling of hair. Doesn’t look that tough to do! So, let’s do this and get rid of day to day hair related worries.

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# Yoga Nidra

It’s a simple posture that goes a long way and is very effective in reducing mental stress and tension. It’s just like lying and doing nothing. This aasan also offers all the benefits of Sarvangasana i.e. of treating premature greying and falling of hair. Now, that’s quite a relaxing way to treat it. Isn’t?

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# Vajrasana (or the Diamond Pose)

It is another amazingly effective posture that looks simple and is very result oriented which that can be performed immediately after eating. This helps in reducing gas in stomach and urinary disorders. This need to be kept in mind while doing it is – keep the right toe on the left.

Thunderbolt-pose-Vadrasana1Source: http://www.satyaliveyoga.com.au/

# Sheersha Aasan

First thing first – This should be strictly practiced under supervision of a yoga expert. This posture benefits almost each and every part/organ and system of the human body. But here’s a piece of warning, heart patients should not attempt to perform this aasan.

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