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Grow Your Hair Using Garlic!

These days, more and more people are coming with never ending hair problems.
Receding hair line being one of them. There was a time when this problem was usually seen among males in their late 40s. But today, this issue is no longer an alien affair for women as young as 25! More and more salons are coming up with great deals providing latest hair treatments, as they know their targeted customers.

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But little do we know that we are doing more harm than good to our hair by relying too much on heat and chemicals dependent products. These products only lead to dryness. Frizz, hair fall and premature greying of hair. A proper diet which one should be taking to ensure healthy hair is the lowest discussed topics among people.

Being a style freak, we can’t completely give up on using these styling products. But using simple ingredients from your kitchen can surely counteract the ill effects of these products. Garlic is one such super ingredient.

How Does Garlic Help in Hair Growth?

It is the wonder drug where hair growth is considered. It is infused with medicinal and healing properties and compounds like calcium, zinc and many other minerals. It has an excellent germ-killing property plus it helps to fight against various bacterial infections. The compound knows as selenium in garlic is known for curing cancerous cells and enhances the flow of haemoglobin in the body.

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It also assist in the healthy growth of hair and keeps hair fall at bay. It contains compound named Allicin which improves the circulation of blood in hair scalp thus minimising hair fall to a great extent. Adding, garlic also cures dandruff and checks its recurrence.

Copper is the element which is known for assisting in hair growth. Garlic is known to contain good amounts of copper which make hair strong, unbreakable and lustrous. Raw garlic is rich in vitamin C which is undoubtedly a boon for your hair. There is no such element which garlic doesn’t furnish to intensify hair growth.

How to Use Garlic for Hair Growth?

1. The easiest way to make use of the benefits of garlic is to add it to your shampoo or conditioner. However, dermatologists advice to use garlic only once or twice in a month, because the overuse of this super ingredient will cause bleakness of the hair and the scalp. Honey also is an excellent conditioner for hair, you can garlic juice to honey to get the benefits of garlic. This will also camouflage the pungent smell of garlic to some extent.

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2. Submerge the garlic pods in olive oil for at least a week. Apply that oil in your scalp and leave it overnight. Wash it the next morning. This will prevent hair fall.

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3. To get rid of greying hair, add some garlic juice plus pepper ground to coconut oil. Heat this mixture and let it cool. Apply this mixture to your scalp and massage gently. Leave it overnight and wash it off the next morning.

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4. Mix the garlic juice with ground aromatic spices to make a personalised hair oil for yourself. Apply this solution over your scalp and the strands of your hair. Massage gently and leave it overnight. Wash it off with lukewarm water the next morning. Shampoo your hair and apply a good conditioner afterwards.

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We can’t give up on our styling products, Or can we? So let us take a resolution to foster our hair with care this year!
Happy Hair to you!

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