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How to Handle Teenagers- Teen Depression a Concern for Parents!

Handling Teens in today’s world is not a job for a  faint heart-ed person. The issues related to teens have far exceeding consequences that previous generations had not even thought of. The tremendous influx of a large number of communication devices, the effects of social media, hugely modernized cultural-socio relations along with an excessive emotional pressure makes the situation far more complex even for an average person to mange. Thus, being parents of a teen in present world is a mammoth task which requires a perfect balance of a firm resolve along with a tenderness of a caring guide to help them deal with the issues they face.

How to Handle Teenagers- Teen Depression a Concern for Parents!

Notwithstanding the general overview, if we try to venture inside the real task, we would find that things are easily said than done. Generally, issues related with the teens are so convoluted that sometimes it takes a serious amount of understanding and discretion on the part of the parents to get to the heart of the problem. The obvious generation gap always comes into play whether one likes it or not. Moreover the technologies are changing at such a rapid rate that it has really become an undertaking in itself to keep up with these technologies in order to keep a track of one’s teenagers, daughters or sons…never mind!

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Identity Crisis and Teenage

Even though the basic intention of all the parents is to take care of their children, a crucial question then faces us is “why conflict?” A closer analysis will reveal that while most teenagers are struggling with the identity issue, which is establishing their identity in this rapid changing world and breaking away from parents, most parents on the other hand wants to maintain that protective shield around their children to keep them from harm or getting carried away with emotions. This is where the real test of parents comes into play.


Solution to Depression

So what is the solution? There can never be an ideal one, as issues are so diverse and there cannot be a single way to deal with it, what best you can do as a parent is to let your kids define their own world while also keeping a silent eye to keep a check on their activities. Even though your kids may behave as if they don’t need your advice, but the reality is that they do and that too very much and it is a job of a wise parent when to correct them if they happen to divert from the path.

Understanding Teen Depression

Sometimes, in spite of the efforts you make you cant rescue your teenage daughter or son from depression… Teen depression is not only about bad moods or melancholy it has a serious dimension to it. Depression in teenagers can lead to serious consequences such as alcohol, drug abuse, violence, self-harming, self mutilation, pregnancy and even suicide.  With such far-reaching ramifications, it’s important to take stock of the situation earnestly and act accordingly. And as a teacher, parent or guide, there are many ways that you can help and bring your teenager back on track.

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What is Teen Depression?

Many misconceptions and misunderstandings about teenage depression exist in general. Due to the tremendous surge of hormones and emotions, this period is marked with a lot of chaos and confusion as well as mood swings. One must understand that occasional bad mood is something different as against the depression which can be identified with an overwhelming sense of sadness, anger or despair. With growing awareness about teenage depression, a lot of cases are coming forward and are being reported. But unfortunately, very few teenagers are able to receive help as they mostly rely on people such as friends, family and teachers around them for assistance.

Symptoms of Teenage Depression-

Some of the symptoms related to teen depression are:

  1. Tearfulness or frequent crying
  2. Fatigue or lack of energy
  3. Loss of interest in activities
  4. Difficulty in concentration
  5. Feeling of worthlessness and guilt
  6. Sadness or hopelessness

Due the onset of depression a teenage may face a lot of problems both in school and in the social life outside. Many children take to things such as substance abuse or internet addiction while some may indulge in violence or reckless behavior. A large number of teenagers may also show suicidal tendencies which sound as a gong of danger. A variety of other cases may also show signs such as eating disorders, self harm or low self-esteem.


Help at Hand!

Although there is only a few percentage of teens are able to effectively receive any help for teenage depression, one should always extend a helping hand and support if one sees any teenage suffering from such symptoms. As the greater responsibility lies upon the shoulder of parents and teachers, it’s important that the channels of communication are always open in such instances. One must be able to talk through a problem and ensure that adequate help is furnished.

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Tips to Deal with Teenage Depression

Here are some of the tips while talking which you can offer to a depressed teen-

  1. Be Gentle but Persistent: You will need a lot of patience while dealing with a teen that shuts the door of communication at you. As it can be very tough to get through your child sometimes, it’s important that whenever you get a chance, you be respectful towards your child’s comfort level. Be gentle but still be expressing your concern and willingness to listen.
  2. Listen Gently but Don’t Lecture: Control any temptation to pass on any judgment straightaway to your teen without a sound reason one he/she begins to talk. Stress more on your child’s explanation rather than giving your opinions. Appreciate that your child is at least communicating.

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Attention, Care and Love is the solution most of the teen depression stories. Bringing hope, instilling in them self respect and self belief is very essential.

Hope this article helps you deal with the crazy but crucial phase of your wards life. For more queries, questions and suggestions keep visiting our site.

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