WONDER FRUIT: 9 Reasons Why Pear Is Good For Your Health


Pear is a fruit which is not consumed by many. But do you guys know that this pale green looking fruit has many health benefits that one can imagine? It is a fruit which has a high content of fibre and it is full of vital nutrients and minerals. It is also known for preventing cancer and has a rich source of antioxidants. And also helps in improving the immunity.

Here are some benefits of consuming of pears:

1. Controls cholesterol

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Pears include a rich content of fibre which helps in reducing the cholesterol levels in the body which also helps in protecting the heart. According to the study regular intake of pears reduces the chances of stroke by 50 percent.

2. Fewer chances of allergic reactions

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As compared to other fruits there are fewer chances of getting allergic reactions from pears and for this reason, this is the only fruit that can be given to the infants.

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3. Maintains bone health

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Pears contain a component boron which easily helps in absorbing calcium. Thus, helps in maintaining the health of your bones. So, to avoid bone-related issues and osteoporosis, start consuming this wonder fruit.

4. Energy booster

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Whenever you feel weak or tired then just have a pear as it has high glucose content which provides instant energy.

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5. Treats fever

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It is very effective in curing fever because of its cooling agents.

6. Boosts immunity

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It has rich content of copper, vitamin C and antioxidants which help to boost immunity and combats various diseases.

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7. Fight against radicals

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The presence of copper, vitamin K, vitamin C helps to combat free radicals that can later cause damage to your body cells.

8. Prevents colon cancer

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Pears contain a high content of fibre which combines with carcinogenic cells and then removes it to reduce the chances of colon cancer. It can also help in preventing breast cancer.

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9. Prevents complications related to pregnancy

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It contains folic acid which is important for the pregnant women to keep their baby safe from various birth defects. It is often recommended to the pregnant ladies to consume it on daily basis to maintain the health of the baby.

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