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Homemade Vitamin C Toner For Youthful Skin

Funnily enough, some people still wonder why to use a toner? So to give a brief introduction to this thing called toner, it helps to restore the natural pH balance of the skin. They shrink up the open pores and also control the sebum production in the skin. It also builds up a protective layer under the makeup to restrict the chemicals seep down deep into the skin.

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Vitamin C toners are even more beneficial, which claims to eliminate wrinkles, age spots, and the fine lines. But there is one restriction to the vitamin C toners, the vitamin C in the toner oxidizes quickly. So the shelf life of the vitamin C toner is pretty short. The best solution is to make your own toner in small quantities.

So here is a simple DIY recipe which will save you tons of money on the toners.

Why This Toner Works The Best For Ageing?
The vitamin is known to cause skin tightening and maintain the natural pH of the skin. It improves the skin’s elasticity by boosting up the collagen production. Not only this, it guards our skin against the harmful action of the sun. You must be thinking that all these benefits are usually offered by some of the high-end products. Even if you take sufficient amount of vitamin C in your diet, topical application of vitamin C has a different effect on your skin.

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Some Useful Tips

1. It is acidic in nature. However our skin cherishes a little bit of acidity, but over and frequent use of vitamin C can irritate your skin if you have sensitive skin. Make sure that you don’t start going overboard from the very beginning. Go slow. Start gradually. After your skin has adapted to the vitamin C intake, you can increase the quantity.

2. Vitamin C is volatile and easily gets oxidized when exposed to air or sunlight. So to be smart enough, there is no point wasting money on expensive vitamin C creams, as they will turn ineffective without even letting you know. So make your own vitamin C serum at home. Make your weekly stock at once and store it in a refrigerator. Use the toner after washing your face.

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What is Witch Hazel?
It is an extract from the leaves and bark of the witch hazel plant. It has been centuries since this magical elixir is being used especially for skin care. It is an excellent remedy for acne and other skin infections. It also helps the skin retain the moisture. So it is a wonderful option for oily and dry skin. The high amount of tannins in witch hazel fights fine lines.

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How to Make Vitamin C and Witch Hazel Toner?

  1.  Take ½ teaspoon of pure vitamin C powder and 1/4th cup of witch hazel extract. Mix it well.
  2.  Add 8-10 drops of lavender essential oil to add moisturizing properties to the toner.
  3.  Transfer the solution into a small glass bottle or a spray bottle preferably. Shake it to mix the contents well.
  4.  Apply this toner after every time your wash your face. Use it twice daily. You can also spray the toner on your face with your eyes closed.
  5.  In case, witch hazel is not available to you, you can use glycerine in place of it. This will make your homemade vitamin C serum.
  6.  Patch test the toner before applying. Some people are allergic to vitamin C.

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