How To Answer These Tricky Questions To Your Little & Curious Kids

If you are a mum, you will totally understand the annoying frequency of your kid to ask such stupid and pointless questions at times. Sometimes they feel sad about you and your husband fighting, sometimes they ask the question out of nowhere, just for the sake of curiosity like why do you love his/her brother/sister more than them etc.

And the most awkward part about this that they shoot such questions at the least expected times like in the middle of a gathering. Well, to help you deal with the awkwardness of the situation, we have cluttered up some answers for you in this article.

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Let’s go through the list of questions and some smart answers to them, that you can give to your curious kid, who loves to pop these questions every once in a while.

1. Why do you and daddy always fight? Don’t you two love each other?

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The one who gets affected the most is your kid when you and your spouse fights or ‘disagrees’ with something, especially in front of your children. They even think that it is because of them that you two are fighting at the first place.

But it is important that you make them understand that disagreeing with something is totally okay and that it is not their fault at all. Teach them the difference between what’s right and what’s wrong.

2. Why does everyone die?

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Lying to your kids about death never helps them or you. Instead, teach them that it’s the natural phenomenon of life. Everyone dies at some point of life, after living their full life. Even for your pets, tell them that they live lesser than humans and flowers live even lesser than your pets.

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3. Why do you have to leave me when you go to your work?

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You must tell them that work is important too, but not as much as they are. Promise them to spend some quality time when you return from your work.

4. I am so scared of that ghost!

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No matter what the circumstances are, never ignore your child’s fears! Inquire about what’s disturbing your child’s peace of mind so much and help them find their fear’s source to solve them. Or simply pick a safe toy and make it her magical ghost catcher that will scare that ghost away.

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5. Do I really have to go to the doctor?

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This is the most common asked question by the children to their mums or dads. Tell them that the doctor will help them fight off the bad germs that make them sick, and no kids want to fall sick, trust us! Make a trusting relationship between your kid and their doctors, this will make the treatment process less problematic and painful.

6. Why is that man so fat?

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Kids are innocent and they know nothing about people and their different appearances or their hurtful feelings behind how they are. So, it is your duty to teach them the correct thing, by telling them that everyone has different shape, color, and size, and it’s normal for people to look like the way they want. Pointing fingers on someone is bad and if you want to ask anything, never ask such questions that can hurt their feelings.

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7. Why doesn’t that boy pee like I do?

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Ignoring such queries of your little ones might just peak their curiosity in such things, knowing about their genitals. They might even look for incorrect ways to enquire about their curious questions. So, it is important that you must always answer their such queries with smart answers, and not ignore them. You can simply tell them that boy and girl are born different and it is the way everyone is.

8. Who do you love more, me or my brother?

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It is always the case that one kid always makes up his/her mind that their mother loves their sibling more than she loves them! Every house has sibling fights, and it is upon you how you make them feel this that you love them both or all equally, not less and not more than the other.

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So, the next time your little one says or asks something like this to you, you must have a smart answer ready. Share with us what else your little one gets curious about that she/he keeps asking all the time.

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