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How to Apply Rouge the Perfect Way

Who doesn’t like a rosy subtle glow to the skin? On the days when your skin is not feeling the best beautiful, a swipe of blush can add instant glow to your face. A little rouge goes a long way and can transform your tired looking face into a fresh face within minutes. Rouge can also be used to give depth and dimension to your face if used correctly.

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How to apply blush for different face shapes?

Oval face- Women with this face shape should apply rouge on the apples of their cheeks and sweep it upward near the temple over the cheekbones.

Round Face- For this face shape avoid using pearl finish or reflective rouge as these will reflect light and make your face appear rounder which we don’t want. Matte rouge/blushes are best suited for round faces. Suck your face like a fish and try to find your cheekbones. Sweep the rouge/blush along the hollows of your face from your ears to the corner of your mouth.

Square Face- Women with square face shape have a very strong face structure. To soften this out the rouge/blush should be applied directly onto the apples of the cheeks.

Heart Face- This face shape may appear pointy, and it needs to be softened. Apply rouge/blush on the outer corner of your cheekbones sweeping up to your ears and also on the temples and the chin. This will make your face appear more oval.

Long Face- For this face shape you want to create the illusion of having a broader face so as to balance the appearance of the face. To achieve this, dip your brush in the blush pan and apply the rouge/blush onto the apples of your cheeks and sweep it towards the ear to widen the face.

Tips for applying rouge perfectly

1. Choose the right tool- A rouge/blush brush like Mac No. 116, is perfect for applying blush. If you don’t have a rouge/blush brush you can also use your clean fingers to apply rouge.

2. Select the perfect shade- The right shade will brighten your face instantly and also adds some depth and definition. If you are a fair complexioned girl go for baby pinks, peach or even corals. Medium/dark complexioned girls can opt for mauve, dusty pink and more earth tones.

3. Find the right formula- Using a rouge/blush according to your skin type increases the longevity or staying power of the blush and also gives a more natural finish. Cream blushes are great for mature and dry skin, whereas powder blushes are best suited for oily skin. Gel and liquid blushes are also good options for oily skin.

4. Correct application- Avoid using too much blush as you don’t wanna end up looking like a clown. For a healthy, flushed look, swirl your brush in the blush, tap off the excess and apply on your cheeks.


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