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How to Get Beautiful Feet Using a Mouth Wash!

The foot soak is nothing alien for those who like to pamper their feet just like any other part of their body. Foot soaks work magic when we’re tired after coming back from a tiresome walk or we have to stay awake late at night for completing our assignment. I still remember my mother used to soak my feet in lukewarm water so that I can be able to stay up late at night and study. But do you know that foot soak has got much more to offer us?

This write-up is all about a new and a breakthrough trick to get soft and clean feet using a mouthwash. Yes, you heard it right. Using a mouthwash in your foot soak can actually work wonders. A good foot soak can do so much for our body. It soothes our already tired muscles, hydrates the skin of your feet and relieves the pain caused by continuous walking or standing. You can further amplify the benefits of your traditional foot soak by adding some additives. Some of the commonly used additives are vinegar, essential oils or Epsom salt. Listerine is one of them, but it is not yet utilized by everyone. Let us have a deeper look in what a mouthwash can do for our feet.

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For a foot soak, you can use Listerine, which is the most commonly used and easily available mouthwash.

What exactly Listerine is?
It is an antiseptic mouthwash which is available in the form of a liquid. Its active ingredient Thymol is known to have exceptional anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. It also contains some quantity of alcohol which further adds to its efficiency to fight bugs. The antiseptic properties of this liquid make it a potent liquid to be used for various purposes like curing dandruff problem, cleaning toothbrushes, for softening skin, etc. So now you have an idea what exactly Listerine is and why we are asking you to use it as a foot soak.

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When the climates switch, your foot is bound to shed some skin and it may develop some cracks on feet. So the dead skin removal is something very important, which can take place with this foot soak thing only. It has been revealed that even the crack on the heels can be healed to a great deal of a single time use Listerine foot soak. This foot soak works even better when used along with vinegar. If you’re convinced to try this cheap and effective remedy for soft feet, you can read on to know the recipe to make this foot soak.

Why Listerine Qualifies as a Good Foot Soak?
What do you expect from a good foot soak? Fresh and clean feet which are free from bacteria. That’s what Listerine have to offer you. It provides antibacterial benefits to your feet without using expensive additives. And the plus point is that this foot soak is not at all time consuming. However, many people are still not aware that they can use Listerine as a foot soak as they are not aware what effects Listerine can have on your skin.

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What We Need To Make Listerine Foot Soak

  • 1 Cup of Listerine (original gold version)
  • 1 cup of white vinegar
  • 2-3 cups of water (lukewarm)

How to make it?
Mix all the required ingredients in a tub which are large and wide mouthed enough to contain both of your feet. It is supposed to use hot water to increase the efficacy of the soak. You can add hot water to the tub periodically to maintain its warmth, as after 10 to15 minutes the water will drop to the room temperature. Soak your foot in this mixture for 20 minutes at least. You can use a pumice stone to rub off the dead skin from your ankles.

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And most importantly, never use the blue version of Listerine, as it contains dyes which can colour your feet blue and you won’t like to step out of your house with Smurf’s feet!

If you any bruises or cuts on your feet, do not use this foot soak as it might irritate your skin.

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