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How To Protect Coloured Hair From Damage- 7 Tips You Should Know..!

In one of our previous articles we discussed with you, how you can choose the perfect hair colour for yourself. So once you have got your hair coloured, what to do next? You definitely want your hair to look shiny, sleek and your hair colour to appear more vibrant. So in this article, we are going to share with you some basic tricks which will help you retain your hair colour for longer while maintain its lustre and texture.

Below we have mentioned the basic 7 tips and tricks for maintaining the quality of colour treated hair. Read on and enlighten yourself.

1. Try to cover your hair whenever possible- To protect your colour from fading away too quickly or unevenly, make sure to cover your tresses with a hat or stole whenever possible. Covering your hair will ensure that the colour of your hair stays fresh for longer and does not fade away quickly. The environmental elements such as dust, the UV rays of the sun and pollution could lead to faster fading of the hair colour which is not what you want.

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2. Do not shampoo your hair on the same day you colour them- After you have coloured your hair, it is advisable not to shampoo your hair for at least 24 hours since the colouring process. Also, don’t use hot or warm water while washing the colour of your hair as this may interrupt the process of the coloured pigments settling on your hair shaft. Color-treated hair should be left alone for the colour to settle on the hair as shampooing them immediately will wash off all the colours.

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3. Choose a shampoo meant for coloured hair- The needs of coloured hair are very different from those of normal hair. Color-treated hair is more prone to damage and normal shampoos are not designed to take care of the needs of coloured hair. Keeping this fact in mind it is important to choose a shampoo which is especially meant for colour-treated hair.

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4. Avoid the use of heat- Once you have coloured your hair it is better to restrict the use of hot tools as much as possible. Hair colours are loaded with chemicals, so after colouring your hair they are anyways much damaged and using hot tools on them will leave them even more damaged. Even when you decide to colour your hair post-coloring, make sure at least 48 hours have elapsed since the hair colour treatment. Also, don’t forget to use a heat protectant before using any hot tool, this way your hair will not lose its shine and lustre.

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5. Avoid swimming- The water in the swimming pools has chlorine in it which can make the hair colour fade much more quickly and will make them appear uneven. Also, when you swim out in the sun the UV rays of the sun combined with the chlorine can make your hair look dull, dry and limp.

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6. Use a nourishing hair mask- Coloured hair is more prone to damage and thus need more attention and care as compared to normal hair. There are a lot of store bought options available out in the market or you can also use natural ingredients to make on at home. Hot oil massages are the best way to pamper yourself along with providing your hair with the much-needed nourishment. You can choose any oil of your choice, such as coconut, olive, almond oil or even a mixture of the three. Warm some oil in the microwave and use it to massage your scalp and hair. Once you are done massaging the hair cover your hair with a shower cap followed by a towel dipped in hot water and leave it on for 30 minutes. The warmth from the towel will open up all your pores and will let the oil seep deep into the hair shaft. Later you can wash your hair with shampoo followed by a conditioner meant for coloured hair.

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7. Say NO to over-shampoo- the natural oils secreted from the scalp are very important for keeping your scalp and hair healthy. Washing your hair on a daily basis can rob the scalp of all the natural oils thus making your hair look dull and dry. In order to keep your hair clean as well as healthy, you should wash your hair for not more than 3 times a week.

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