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How To Select The Perfect Lehenga For Your Body Type

No matter how modern our society or culture has become or how much the western culture has influenced us, brides still prefer to wear the classic lehenga choli when it comes to her big day. Over the years, our favourite ensemble for our wedding has really evolved a lot and there is an enormous variety out there from which you can choose the one that suits your preferences best.

You want to look nothing less than a million bucks on your wedding thus while picking out the lehenga for your D-day there are certain points that you must keep in mind. What might look good on your favourite celebrity or best friend may not suit your body type and structure, so it is better to keep your eyes and mind open while choosing your lehenga. So before deciding on the one that you are going to wear on your special day do a thorough evaluation of your body type and then pick the one that suits you the best.

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1. Get to know your body shape- Every girl is different from another and no two girls have similar body shapes. Thus, while dressing up it is very important to keep your body shape in mind and choose your attire accordingly. The four most common body shapes are apple shape, pear shape, rectangular shape and hourglass shape.

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2. For apple-shaped body- Women with this body shape have broad shoulders and bust area as compared to their waist and the hip area, very similar to an apple. The rules are pretty simple when choosing a lehenga for this particular body shape. Make sure there are no pleats or is not too flared from the bottom. Avoid heavy work on the blouse as it will draw even more attention to the heavy bust area. Instead, go for minimal design and embellishment on your blouse while keeping your lehenga on the heavy side.

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3. In the hourglass figure- This is considered as one of the most desirable body shapes amongst women. It is pretty easy to choose a lehenga for this particular body type. Flowy fabrics are the best ones for this body type and the mermaid cut lehenga is the best suited for this body shape as it will accentuate the curves even more.

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4. For petite body- For women who are petite in the structure must opt for clean cuts and designs. Anything too heavy can make you look even more petite and weighed down. So look for fabrics and embroidery that is light and fresh. Instead of going for contrast, opt for a monochrome lehenga as this will give the illusion of a longer torso. Also, look out for lehengas with small motifs and kalis. Keep your lehenga border to a minimum as wide or broad borders can make you look short and thus even more petite.

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5. For rectangular body shape- Women with this body shape usually don’t have curves and thus, the main motive here is to create some curves and volume. So for women with rectangular body type the best-suited lehengas are flared or circular ones. This helps in creating the illusion of a fuller body, thus adding some curves to your body.

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6. For plus sized body- For this body type avoid all sorts of heavy fabrics, embroidery and embellishments. Avoid any horizontal lines and patterns at all costs. The key here is to choose deeper and darker colours as these will camouflage your problem areas really well. Look for embroideries and motifs which are light and not too bulky.

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