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How to Style Long Hair in Your 20s, 30s, and 40s

Many experts used to say that women should cut their hair short after their 30s. But all these seem to be an old school advice by now. We would love to know who made up all these silly advice at the first place!

You can rock any length of your mane at any age of your life. Your hair and hairstyle can’t make you feel appropriate to your age. But remember, getting a hairstyle done totally depends on a person’s personal preferences. So before getting your hair cut, make sure that you will don it with utter confidence.

In Your Twenties…
This is the best age to experiment. You can play around with so many different looks. You can rock any style from one-length cuts to layered ones. At this age, your hair is at your fullest. You can pull off any hairstyle with flamboyance, from traditional to trendy. So be a little sporty and experiment in your looks.

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If you don’t like to experiment, you can keep it simple. If you like a hairstyle which is not into vogue, it’s completely alright Darling! The carefree and enviable looks can be achieved only when you’re confident. So just do what you love, not giving a damn to what’s in the trend. Just spritz some water on your hair and leave the house. Let the breeze do its magic to your hair.

In Your Thirties…
In this age, you should look more classy and polished. We can just assume that you must be working at this age. So you must be wanting to add a tinge of professionalism to everything you do. At this age, the hair tends to become thinner and lifeless. However if taken care of well, your hair can still remain at life. Make sure that your hair still has the life in it. You wouldn’t like it looking stiff. Try backcombing your hair and tie it up into a messy updo. This adds professionalism while holding on to the girly side of yours.

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Rock the side parting. A simple side part makes you look sexy while being a polished corporate woman. Use the arch of your eyebrow as the reference point. Don’t part your hair too far as it will give you a high school girl look. A side part adds volume to your hair while balancing your facial features well.

In Your Forties…
You will be surprised to read that we’re advising you to have bangs at this point of your life. The reason behind this advice is that due to aging you’re must be going through thinning. So receding hairline can give you an extended forehead. To camouflage that extra skin show, you can rock the bangs. It also adds volume to your thinning hair. Many women in their forties go for hair extensions due to hair thinning. You can add volume to your front, where the thinning happens the first and the most.

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Add moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to your hair wash regimen. Make habit and a ritual to never backcomb your hair.

P.S. You can wear any hairstyle at any point of your life. But these advice will help you guide through your hairstyle decision. You can customize your hair according to your age and your hair type.

Reshu Manglik

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