Husband Qualities: 7 Right & Wrong Things!

You must have heard this like a million time, that it’s easy to love but it’s hard to fulfill the promise of love for the rest of your life. Well, it is true in many cases! When two people trust, and promise each other to tie the knot and spend their remaining lives together, they must also learn to compromise for the sake of each other’s happiness and well-being.

But in many cases, husbands start dominating their wives and exploiting them in the name of marriage. Whatever the reason maybe, you must not let anyone make you feel less important than they are. Don’t ever let your husband make you feel like you don’t matter anything to them but are something that they can abuse all the time.

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Know the difference between right and wrong, and take a stand for what’s right, if you have to! Here are 7 things that will help you differentiate between what’s right and what’s wrong that your husband is doing to you.

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Showing authority and inspiring you are two different things! Demanding respect for showing authority is wrong, but inspiring you for what you love to do and which helps you feel comfortable in, is right. A person who loves you will inspire you rather than being authoritative.

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Has your husband been watching every move of yours, waiting for you to make a mistake and him to unnecessarily lash out on you, pointing out all your faults? Or does he allow you to make mistake just like he do, and learn from them with time passing by, making the world a better place to live in? Love is about freedom, not an obsession.

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The best quality of a good husband is that he is always a good listener! Giving you time to talk and understanding what your needs & requirements are and fulfilling them. But a bad husband never lets you share what’s important to you or what you need from your marriage or life, but he continuously keeps on imposing his views in order to keep you shut and proves this dominating nature on you.

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There’s a very thin line between commanding and making a request, you just need to understand which one you are wanting to follow! If your husband wants something, does he command you to get it, or politely make a request?

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Do you have a husband who keeps complaining all the time, stating you responsible for everything going wrong in his life? A good husband never does that, instead, he reviews the situation to make things right and look for problems, where things went wrong at the first place. He focuses on your good parts, not blaming you for his or your own failures!

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Does your husband try to prove himself right all the time and never bothers to stand by your side to support you in what is right? Good husbands always support their wife and being together, not being right in all the arguments.

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Having unrealistic expectations from you is not sign of a good husband. Instead of making realistic achievable goals for a happy life is a great quality that you must always encourage in your husband.

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