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If You Love Your Breast, Take Care of Them!

Women remain conscious of their breast size… If they are small, they crave for enlargement and if they are large, they wish to control the size… However, the chances of latter are few!!! All crave for big breast but hardly anyone think of taking care of their breast. More than the size, their proper care is important. So, let’s know how you can keep your breast healthy and away from diseases!!!

Regular Exercise to Keep Them in Shape

I will not show you a dreamy picture that exercises can increase size of your breast but it will definitely keep them in shape. There is hardly anything that can augment breast size. It can only happen with increase in whole body weight. However, regular push-ups for 15 minutes can make breast firm. Exercises will strengthen chest muscles and breast by improving blood circulation. So, spare some time for exercises if you want strong and well-shaped breast.

Massage Your Breast to Improve Blood Circulation

Making breast strong by exercising is important and massaging them on regular basis is equally important. Massage helps in better flow of blood into breast area and it improves skin quality too. Use herbal oil to treat your breast. Hold your breast in hands and move them upward. Then, gently move your fingers on breasts in circular motion. Keep changing the direction of movement. This will keep your breast away from blood clotting too.

Examine Yourself to Keep a Check on Body

Keep checking your breast of any abnormal signs. Remember, breast cancer is on rise these days and age doesn’t matter!!! I’m not scaring you; I’m just making you aware. If you find lumps in breast, consult your doctor without any late. If you sense that your nipples have become over-sensitive, then there are chances of infection. Keep an eye on your breast so that if anything serious happens, you can stop it at the right time.

Loving your body is a different thing and caring about your body is another! If you really love your body, you should take care of it in every possible way. Only if you love your body, it will love you back and stay healthy always!

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