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Is It Good To Eat Ghee When You Are Expecting?

The first thing that I must tell you that ghee is a laxative which somehow induces labour in women who are overdue. It adds lubrication to the vagina, which means it becomes easier to deliver a baby. But adding more calories to your diet isn’t something good either. A pregnant woman requires 200 extra calories during her last trimester. If you’re having a balanced diet, then there is no need to add extra calories by having ghee.

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If you’re expecting people around you might be giving you many suggestions, obviously because they want the best for you. But most of the times, these suggestions actually carry no scientific support and are completely meaningless. Not all of them, but yes, some do. One such myth is ‘Consuming Ghee during pregnancy is good’.

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What is the Myth?
It is believed that ghee made out of cow’s milk is good for inducing labour in a pregnant woman. While some other believed that ghee is an excellent lubricant which smoothens the vagina to ease the childbirth. So if you have too many old women at your house, you can expect that you’ll be made to drink a lot of ghee during your last trimester. If the facts are believed, there’s nothing actually wrong in consuming ghee, but it should be taken in a limited amount. However, the contribution of ghee in the childbirth still stand debatable.

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Do You Need Ghee To Complete Your Diet?
A well-balanced diet is a very important factor during pregnancy to cater the needs of your body and as well as your baby’s. And it is not necessary that you can’t have a balanced diet without including ghee in it. Even if you need more nutrition, doctors advise filling the requirement with more energy-yielding food instead of just fat. Ghee is completely loaded with fat which doesn’t make it a good idea. Before making a diet plan for yourself, consult your doctor for that. Consuming too much ghee during pregnancy is another reason why women find it hard to lose their baby weight after delivery.

Why Drinking Ghee Is Not A Good Idea?

If you consume ghee in a limited quantity, it is good. But if it exceeded beyond the safety limits can lead to high weight gain and obesity in worst cases. During pregnancy, the physical movements of a woman are reduced to minimal, and above that eating too much of fat will only cause an exponential increase in her body weight. Plus, the body metabolic rate of a pregnant woman also slows down during this period. So if you have any intention to get back in shape after delivering a baby, ghee is not a good idea for you.
Apart from this, eating a lot of fat without burning it can lead to accumulation of fat layers in the abdominal area which can even arise a chance of getting a C-section. Other bowel related issues can also come up due to heavy consumption of ghee. It can even cause severe diarrhoea and heartburn, acidity, etc.

How Can You Consume Ghee During Pregnancy?

  1.  It is advised to take 1 tablespoon of ghee along with milk every day. This will have positive effects.
  2.  You should have a balanced diet and take ghee as a supplement in small quantities. Avoid it if you’re already overweight.
  3.  It is a healthier choice of fat. So if you’re consuming ghee, combine it with some physical activities.
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