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Know what suits your Body!

Do you have a curvy body or the banana shaped? Women are often confused with a question what is my body shape? Most of the time we ignore our body shape and try out anything or everything we like! And at those moments, fashion blunders happen and they ultimately lead to disappointments, embarrassments and sometimes, fun element for others.

Ladies! It is not necessary to don a look what so ever you have seen in magazines or movies! They might or might not look best on you. An easier way to find out what suits you is to figure out what is your body shape? And dress the way as your body suggests, it would suit you better. Don’t tangle yourself in the questions. Calm down! I will help you to find the answers of these questions one by one.

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First we have to figure out what really defines the body shape.

There are many aspects which defines the body shape well like weight, height, bone structure, circumference of body and many more.

What is your body shape?

You can recognize your body shape by measuring your four parts of the body: Shoulders, bust, waist and hips.

shapesImage Source:http://www.hellomagazine.com/

Dress for your body shape?

You have to opt out clothes according to your body shape. Like, if you are having a curvy shape then you have to go for crop tops but avoid baggy clothes and if you are having a pear shaped body then you need to choose baggy clothes on the upper part of body and avoid Coloured prints. Below I have explained my thorough research that will help you to get all the answers regarding your body type, dressing and do’s and don’ts!

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1. Pear shaped body

Hips are heavy than shoulders, lower portion of body is wider as compared to upper portion and your waist is perfect while bottom is rounded then you are having a pear shaped body. So, just flaunt your perfect waist and elegant neck.

pearl body shapeImage Source:http://4.bp.blogspot.com/

Pear shaped body usually gain weight at bottoms first, followed by upper body. Waist to hip ratio is 0.8< while waist to bust ratio is 0.8>.

Your best assets are flat stomach, torso and shoulders.

You are sharing body type with Bollywood diva Sonam Kapoor, Hollywood actress Kim Kardashian and Jeniffer Lopez.

Key to dressing: Camouflage the lower body and enhance the volume to the upper body. This will give your attire a perfect look.


  • Keep experimenting with your sleeves. You can try puffs, ruffles, boat neck tops or any shape that can add volume to your shoulders.
  • You can try layering on the upper portions like shrugs, jackets or crop tops.
  • Flared or straight jeans which are darker in colour can do well with your body type.
  • Chinese collar, cowl necks and wide neck-lines are perfect for you.
  • Try pointy-toed shoes.
  • You can try A-line skirts, they will hide your heavy butts.
  • Try boot cuts pants.


  • Avoid clothes that pay attention to your waist.
  • Say a big NO to light coloured bottoms.

2. Wedge-shaped body

If your bust and chest are broad, shoulders are wider as compared to the waist and hips then you are in the wedge shaped category.

Wedge-shaped bodyImage Source:http://static.indianexpress.com/

You have perfect legs which you must have to flaunt.

You are sharing your body type with Bebo aka Kareena Kapoor and Demi Moore.

Key to dressing: You need to camouflage your upper body and try to flaunt your beautiful legs.


  • You can try tops with belts.
  • Go for denim or high waist skirts to flaunt your legs.
  • You can go for middy dress for your body shape.
  • Try sarees instead of salwar.
  • Wear bright colours on bottoms.
  • Try full skirts.


  • Don’t go for spaghetti tops.

3. Rectangle shaped body (Banana body)

Waist, shoulders and hips are almost similar in width. Persons with this body type are usually slim and have athletic look.

Rectangle shaped bodyImage Source:http://www.stylishpie.com/

Your arms and legs are the best assets to show off.

You share your body type with Anushka Sharma, Kalki Koechlin and Cameron Diaz.

Key to dressing: Try to create curves with illusions and flaunt your legs and arms.


  • Say yes to bright colours.
  • Layer up with fit clothes.
  • You can try different patterns and prints to enhance your body shape.
  • Wide leg jeans, tulip tops and kimonos looks best on you.
  • Scoop neck and sweetheart tops are perfect for you.
  • Wear good bra to enhance your body shape.
  • Go for ruffled tops, cropped jackets and mini skirt.
  • You can also try side cutout dress.
  • Tapered pants are perfect with your body shape.


  • Avoid overwhelming styles.

4. Apple shaped body

Does your body gain weight at your hips first? Are your back, ribs and shoulders broad? Then, you are surely having an apple body shape. You appear to be wider than others.

Apple shaped bodyImage Source:http://static.looksgud.in/

Just show off your legs as they are perfect.

You share your body type with Sonakshi Sinha, Parineeti Chopra and Huma Qureshi.

Key to dressing: Try to elongate your torso and show up your legs. Create illusions of a smaller waist with your fashion sense.


  • Try unicolor shades.
  • Choose V-neck tops to appear your torso elongated
  • Try broad belts to create illusion for your waist.
  • You can go for subtle patterns.
  • A-line skirts and high waist circle skirt looks good on you.
  • You can try swing coats, flowy tops and low waist straight pants.
  • You can try shifted tops which are loose.


  • Avoid fitted jeans.

5. Hourglass shaped body

You have a perfect curvy body with tiny waste. Shoulders and hips are nearly similar in proportion.

Hourglass shaped bodyImage Source:http://www.vogue.in/

Show off your curves perfectly and confidently.

You are sharing your body type with Desi girl Priyanka Chopra and Katrina Kaif.

Key to dressing: Flaunt your curves and it’s enough to be the central point anywhere.


  • You can try belted jackets, they are perfect for you.
  • Go for crop tops.
  • Pencil skirts and wrap dresses look flawless on you.
  • Try wide leg pants with belted waist.
  • Wear body fit dresses, high waist skirts and skinny jeans.


  • Don’t wear baggy clothes as they can hide your curves.

Now, please don’t ask to anyone what is my body shape? Hope! It helped you.

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