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Learn To Be A Good Listener!!

Okay, so we all know that women are born to talk and talk our heart out! But ladies, it’s a good idea to be a good listener at times! A good listener is believed to be a great conversationalist….yes dearies, it’s imperative to listen and listen carefully! So, are you getting curious to know more? Well, hold on and read….take a look at the steps that can efficiently help you be a good listener….

There are several communication workshops that constantly emphasis on the merits of speaking carefully and listening clearly! There is a whole world difference between listening and hearing!

Yes, some of may know the art of talking but it is really essential to listen! So here’s how you can be a good listener….

  • Make a mindful effort to try and understand the speaker…listen intently
  • Make eye contact with the one you are in conversation with!
  • Do not ask questions if you cannot understand
  • If you can’t understand anything….nod your head
  • Never let yourself get distracted…focus and you are sure to understand the speaker better, way better!
  • Concentrate on the speaker
  • You can also try taking notes if important

Well there are several other anecdotes as well; you can talk of healthy conversations between people. Communication is the golden rule to maintain a healthy relationship…most of us tend to face this problem once in their life….so adapt the quality of being a good listener! Enjoy the quality of your life ladies…have fun! 🙂

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Ranjan Singh Bisht

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