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Lip Colours to Suits Every Skin Tone

Beautiful lips are every girl’s desire and when it comes to choosing the right lip colour we feel confused and puzzled. We get mystified because a colour that suits our friend’s lips may not be suitable for us. Of course all shades cannot look perfect on every skin tone. For example, Fuchsia and tangy orange shades look best on fair complexion while coffee and the purple colour looks best on the dull complexion. So, ladies don’t pile up the collection of lipsticks in your vanity box. Here is the glance at perfect lip colours which works well with every skin tone.


As being the most desirable colour, it also reflects royalty and bravery. Being in fashion in all seasons, maroon is the one which suits all Indian complexions. From dark to wheatish, it looks perfect on all skin shades. Different shades of maroon are available in the market within a different range. Pure maroon looks best on fair skin tones while shades like wine and oxblood are suitable for wheatish to dull skin tones.

MaroonImage Source: http://lifepopper.com/

Red Hot

The colour of hotness is for everyone. Being the most attractive colour, red also gives confidence. The most traditional colour for all the times, red is the one which suits all skin types and textures. This colour remains in fashion in winter and fall seasons. Glossy red looks best on fair skin tone while deeper shades look best on dull skin tone. So, pay attention girls winters are coming.

Red HotImage Source: https://skonecosmetics.com


Being the most spiritual colour, the purple colour reflects the richness. It is a combination of red and blue. A person needs a lot of confidence while opting because it is bold and hot in nature. But nowadays many actresses are seen having this colour which boost up women to try it. The colour is best suited for all Indian skin textures. The romantic colour lilac suits well on fair complexion while the hot colour, dark purple works well for the dull complexion. So, ladies be confident and try the purple magic.

PurpleImage Source: http://thoushaltnotcovet.net/


Nude reflects the simplicity. The cool colour remains in trend in the summer season. You can try this colour while hanging out with friends or on small occasions. Nude always looks perfect one shade darker than the natural lip colour. The major advantage is that it is available in a huge range of shades for every skin colour. Pink nude’s suits on fair faces while beige nude’s suites dull complexion.

NudeImage Source: http://mytopface.com/


The girl’s favorite colour is here to dazzle the party. The colour reflects charm, delicacy, and feminism. From baby pink to fuchsia pink all the shades are available in the huge range. Fair textured people have to go for baby doll pink while, dull textured people have to opt rose pink shade.

PinkImage Source: http://s3.img.edn.vn/

The above-mentioned colours are best suited on Indian textures. Hope! Next time you will try them and observe the difference in your looks.


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