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Love V/S Infatuation!

You know you have finally met him! Everything seems beautiful…like there’s nothing more you could ask for! All our lives, we wait for that “special someone” who makes our heart pound, make the stars bright and we are taken over by the thought of spending time with “the one”. Food seems a mere inconvenience, sleep is something we use to love and is there any requirement of mentioning that 24*7 weird smile? And then your friends just start to tease every second. But what the hell? Who cares! Nah, of course…you aren’t stupid….you are just in LOVE! The greatest feeling of all times!

Going Public!!

Things are going great between you both and you have decided to take a step forward…becoming the talk of the town! Yes, you got it right….GOING PUBLIC is what I meant! You want to be called as a couple between your friends and families. But you got to wait….don’t let people speculate about your relationship even before you are sure! Girlies, future means a forever commitment. It is really important to know if your love is actually a good thing.

Would you really like people gossiping and whispering about how much happy you are being committed? Are you yourself comfy going out with him? Is it okay for a complete stranger to march in to your life like anything? It is always better to give the time your minds needs than screwing it all up! The passion of new love is much intertwined, dear!

Love Is Forever Changing!!

Love is a dynamic process. For me, it is a relationship that changes and grows as two mature people dream of spending their life together. Yes, it has brought the best out of me. My life has changed…I have priorities, goals and commitments. It is a way we define our lives, don’t we?

It is the sharing of emotion and trust that make love such a dynamic process. And I can just keep on talking about it. As quoted very perfectly, “Love is always enduring and patient. It is never boastful or conceited or jealous, rude or selfish. It does not take felony..” Indeed it is. Love is all about growing old with that one person who can make you cry and laugh! Find out who you are what your purpose is. Love is a long journey of hope. Love is no less than a wind….I can feel it but I can’t touch it!

Is It Just Infatuation?


It is when you think of someone all the time! The priorities are centered on that one person. You day dream about that person and get crawly and dirty! Yes, you might like him but it’s not love. Is it? Well, ask yourself. It is an unrealistic feeling of being together…the lack of trust and loyalty are the add-ons.

Love cures people….the one who is giving it and the one who is receiving it! Know the difference ladies! It’s never gonna be easy but it isn’t difficult either.  Love of all the passions, is the strongest as it simultaneously attacks the head, the heart and the senses. Enjoy being with the one you love….not with the one whom you are merely attracted to!

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Ranjan Singh Bisht

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