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Low-Fat Diet Can Keep Breast Cancer Away, Study says

A study has recently revealed that women who depended on a low-fat diet in their meals for eight years have lesser chances of getting invasive breast cancer. A diet which has low-fat contents helps women during their menopausal phase to ward off breast cancer. It also brings down the mortality risk rates of the deadly disease, the study reveals. The studies have shown that women who stuck to their low-fat diet for eight years have a lower risk of dying from invasive breast cancers and also, their survival rate have increased by 82%. They have better survival rates than a woman who don’t follow a strict dietary regimen.

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“This was the first time we had examined the deaths after breast cancer among this group, and we found that a sustained low-fat diet increased the survival rates among postmenopausal women after a breast cancer diagnosis,” said Rowan Chlebowski from the Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute in the US. The heart disease mortality rate was also found to be lower in the group of women who consumed low-fat diet for eight years.

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The study also advises women to remain on the low-fat diets to keep such deadly diseases at bay. A team of specialised doctors conducted a random clinical trial on 48,835 postmenopausal women. 19,541 women were fed with low-fat diet under the observation of nutritionists while the group of other 29,294 women were allowed to have their normal dietary patterns.

The results are before us which revealed that women who consumed low-fat diets have a lower risk of getting invasive breast cancers.

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