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Modern Mangalsutras for New Indian Brides!

Which is the most old story thing which you will come across on your wedding? Rose petals, marigold garlands, loud music and what else? How can we forget one of the most cliched things that will ever come out of a wedding? Apart from the rose petals on beds, that is? The quintessential piece of Indian Heritage: The Mangalsutra. It’s the indispensable part of every Indian wedding. But some of the modern Indian women consider it to be boring too.
Every culture and state has its own sort of Mangalsutra. South Indian Mangalsutra is filled with yellow glittery gold while some in diamonds and other in corals and rubies. One single name and so many depictions! Such is our great Indian cultures!

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But the most important question is how many of the Indian brides are going to wear that string carrying black beads forever? It’s a hard fact that most of the Indian women now don’t want to continue this custom of wearing Mangalsutra for whole life. The reason? The monotonous and tacky appearance of that piece of jewellery. But we have a solution. Here are few Mangalstura designs which will revamp that boring piece of jewellery into a classy one.

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• Mangalsutras as Bracelets

Though it sounds a bit absurd, but it’s true. Jewelleries, these days are getting more and more versatile. You can use it in more than one way. This versatility hasn’t left the traditional Mangalsutra untouched. Designers have now transformed the Mangalsutra into an awesome looking bracelet. This means it isn’t going to be much visible to people who’s going to see you. So for working women, it is no less than a boon. A tiny but pretty pendant is attached to the string of black beads and 22 karat gold beads. Many such intricate designs are present in abundance on Amazon.in

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• Modern Mangalsturas

In the era in which each and every thing which is preferred is ‘Modern’, it becomes even more important to modernise the traditional Indian jewellery. This year, Mangalsutra leaped ahead in the race of modernity. It got transformed taking well from western designs and easy-to-carry ideas. If you take one look at these petite geometrical designs, you will forget the idea of putting this little piece of jewellery down after one week from your D-Day! These elegantly designed Mangalsutras go pretty well with Indian as well western outfits. Moreover, they are light weighted and less gaudy. They can be easily purchased from Modasutra.

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• Necklace Mangalsutra

The problem arises when the women have to don both Mangalsutra and the necklace which goes with their dress, simultaneously. What if we blend necklace with Mangalsutra? Explosive, isn’t it? To cut short on jewellery is what every modern Indian woman desires about. So here we’ve got a hybrid for you. A single piece with all the panache of a necklace and the beauty of a Mangalsutra. Plus, you can wear this necklace every day. These necklace Mangalsutras are not too heavy, but they impart a bold and beautiful look to the Indian bride. These beautiful neckpieces are available on Bluestone exclusively.

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• Avant-garde Mangalsutra

This is where modernity meets tradition! New intricate designs comes face to face with traditional designs here. Elegant designs like hearts, rose gold and white gold are brought to use in making modern aged Mangalsutra to kill the monotonicity in the traditional ones. You can even turn your favourite pendant into a Mangalsutra. You can also buy these great piece of art at Bluestone.

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