Moisturizing Mistakes

8 Moisturizing Mistakes That Can Make You Look Older


A moisturizer is a very important skin care product that can provide your skin a protective layer and also protects it from signs of aging. Various skin care experts suggest women to keep their skin well-hydrated in order to maintain its beauty and health. Avoiding this simple beauty routine can even make your skin older.Plus, there are some moisturizing mistakes that we usually repeat on a daily basis that makes our skin dull and older. So, here check out the list of common mistakes that you should avoid making your skin beautiful and youthful.

1. Applying moisture to dry skin

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This is a most common mistake that majority of people make that is applying moisturizer on dry skin. Instead of this, one should apply moisturizer to the damp skin so that it can get absorbed nicely into the skin.

2. Doing makeup just after applying mositurizer

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Another moisturizing mistake we all must avoid. Yes, it is necessary to apply moisturizer on your face before applying makeup. But it requires at least 10-15 minutes to get completely absorbed in the skin so that you can get an even base for makeup.

Applying makeup right after applying moisturizer can make your skin exposed to the harsh chemicals of the products.

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3. Not using the right type of moisturizer

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Not using the right type of moisturizer is another mistake that most people make which later makes their skin age faster. It is said you should always use products which are formulated for your skin type to avoid various skin problems.

4. Avoiding exfoliation

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Exfoliation is a very important part of the skincare regime. Plus, it also helps in removing dead skin cells and makes it easier for the moisturizer to reach the inner layer of the skin. So, instead of avoiding it, repeat this beauty regime on regular basis to get avoid premature signs of aging.

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5. Irregular application of moisturizer

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Nowadays people are always in a rush, and because of this most of the times, we are not able to take care of our skin as it is required. Like, irregular application of moisturizer can affect your skin badly. So, it is suggested that you should regularly application moisturizer in a certain amount to avoid skin damage.

6. Always pay attention to the ingredients

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Always pay attention to the ingredient list printed on the back of the moisturizer container. This simple tip can help you in avoiding various harmful effects caused by the chemicals present in it.

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7. Not applying moisturizer to oily skin

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Another common mistake that can make premature signs of aging appear. Whether you have oily skin or a normal skin it is always suggested that you should apply moisturizer to your skin to maintain its moisture and protect it from harmful effects.

8. Forgetting the neck area

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And the last mistake that we all have committed in our lives is not moisturizing the neck area even after moisturizing the face. This mistake can make your neck look darker than your face and can even make it age faster.

So, these were the few moisturizing mistakes that you should avoid.


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