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Movies caught our eyes in year 2015!

As 2015 is on the verge of saying goodbye to us, everyone is now excited about 2016. Some are waiting for it to do something new, while some movie freaks are waiting for new movie releases by their favourite stars. Bollywood is gearing up for some big releases next year. ‘Wazeer’ is coming in January while ‘Raees’ and ‘Sultan’ will release on Eid next year. These movies are expected as some of the best upcoming movies. But, 2015 is a year which have a long list of best movies. Let’s have a glimpse at them:

Bajirao Mastani

Periodical cinema always leaves indelible marks on our hearts. The movie makes you feel royal experience for its backdrop. It has perfect direction, acting, music and story. There is nothing which you want to miss in this movie. The movie is all about Maratha warrior Peshwa Bajirao who falls in love with half-muslim lady Mastani and fights with whole world for his lady love.

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Ranveer and Deepika’s chemistry is too good in the movie. Actor Ranveer Singh’s powerful acting skills added stars to the movie.


The most expensive movie of Hindi Cinema is an epic experience for all of us and this year has been immortal in Indian Cinema for its release

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The story starts with a baby boy who was found alive in middle of river. The villagers look after him and named him as Shiva but, nobody knows that Shiva is blessed with Godly things and he is the Son of noble king Amarendra Baahubali. His reality haunts him, thus leads to wars with evil king Bhallala Deva. This movie set all benchmarks in terms of business as well. It made a strong and noteworthy presence of Indian Cinema at world stage.

Bajrangi Bhaijaan

Well, I am not a huge fan of Salman Khan but I appreciated this movie of him. The little Munni and Salman Bhai acted well and were able to win the hearts of people. Salman taught us humanity over religion and this is the essence of the flick. The story is somewhat different from Salman’s usual movies.

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Tanu weds Manu Returns

The story is all about married life conflicts and consequently the couple decides to part their ways. When Manu finds look alike of Tanu (Kusum), he tries to settle his life with her. But, as we know distance takes the love to a new height and the same thing happens with Tanu when she sees her husband going away from her.

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Both Kangana and R. Madhavan acted beautifully in this movie. And yes, not to forget that spicy charm ‘Puppy’, who really adds that witty flavour into the flick and got accolades from everyone.


The high voltage thriller movie revolves around a middle class family and it conveys a strong message that how our family binds us. Ajay Devgn, a fourth class fail orphan man fond of watching thriller movies, runs his own business in Goa. His smooth life takes a twist when a boy lost his life by his daughter and wife unintentionally. Then, the whole drama starts and finally the film holds. In the path, it unties the street-smartness of an illiterate man who protects his family at any cost in the end.

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The story of movie revolves around four lives, a low cast boy, a high caste girl, a guilty daughter and her boyfriend who commits suicide. The story showcased the dirty facet of corrupt police officers. Richa Chaddha played the role of Devi Pathak. The movie has best dramatic story, best cast performance and cinematography. This flick won two awards at Cannes film festival. If you love basics of real cinema such as direction, storyline and remarkable acting you just can’t afford to miss it.

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Manjhi- The Mountain Man

Nawazuddin Siddiqui is well known for his powerful acting skills which made this movie to touch the hearts of people. The movie is based on real life story of a man who spent 22 years of his life in carving a path through a mountain with the help of hammer and chisel. The thing which made him do so was, his wife accidently dies during her delivery time as hospital is too far and the only way to reach there is to cross that mountain. This led him to do so and he proved his love to the world for his beloved wife. When life gets shattered, love accumulates bit by bit.
A must watch, I would say.

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Margarita with a Straw

Laila (Kalki Koechlin) a disabled heartbroken girl with lots of hopes, dreams and desires reaches New York. She went there for writing course as she is a scholar. Her broken heart made her to fall for a girl, who cares, loves and gets intimate with her.

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The story showed the homosexuality which is still a taboo to even talk about in our society.


Another interesting and refreshing tale which is perfect for family having light comedy too. Piku is a story of a girl and his father which reflects how they both manage their life as a family. Irfan Khan, Big B and Deepika Padukone, all three actors acted brilliantly in the movie and add life to the story. You surely can watch it with family and enjoy it.

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The movie lands on the India’s most controversial Arushi-Hemraj murder case. It is a crime thriller and Irfan Khan once again is enough to explain its charisma. The flick is perfect for those who usually look for some serious stuff in Hindi Cinema.

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This is one of the best movies of Akshay Kumar. The action thriller spy movie has an amazing cast and performance. This is one of the finest movies of Indian Cinema. In the movie, Akshay Kumar managed to save his pride towards his country. Again it’s a must watch, I would say.

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Written and directed by Anurag Kashyap, who always is able to present something that makes you fall for. He usually believes in experimental cinema. Ugly is a movie which revolves around a kidnapped girl. When best cops of Mumbai try to find that girl, they found it near the missing girl’s house.

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These movies are surely the best of this year. Don’t you think so?

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