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Natural Home Remedies of Curing Depression

Depression is perhaps one of the most gruesome modern epidemics that can silently kill life simply by destroying clarity of thought and positive view of leading life. Howsoever dangerous is this mental disorder, it is 100% curable. Along with proper medication and therapeutic support you can easily fight this condition to be back on the right track. A few natural remedies are available, which can help you to recover faster. These remedies are mostly life style modification therapies, easy to implement, and 100% pocket-friendly, and above all these natural therapies are absolutely side effect less.

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Get in a routine

The solution of setting a routine as a cure may seem to you a trivial home remedy to fight depression…but users have claimed that it works. Depression, in general, takes away usual routine from your life! The disorder makes you absolutely messy and disorganize because under the spell of depression, you tend to lose your general interest in daily activities etc.

Secondly,-achieving-your-set-goal-is-a-definite-way-to-regain-your-confidence-on-your-self-control-and-ability-to-achieve-something-positiveImage Source:http://midtownpsychiatrytms.com
  • Setting a general routine and fixing a short goal is your first step to get out of the clutter of depression.
  • Secondly, achieving your set goal is a definite way to regain your confidence on your self-control and ability to achieve something positive.

As you will get to achieve short goals, set yourself for more challenging goals.

Start practicing exercise

Practicing exercise daily is a wonderful way to fight the negative effect of depression. Not only exercise helps in offering better supply of oxygen in brain, it stimulates the hormone called endorphins, which helps in feeling good. Simple exercises like brisk-walking, cycling, swimming, walking on treadmill…the activities you like can serve perfectly for your purpose to fight depression by exercise.

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Instead of work out, you can practice Hath-yoga and meditation. These two natural remedies can help you wonderfully to fight even the worst bout of depression.

Maintain a healthy diet

There is no magic diet for treating depression naturally and overnight. However, healthy diet full of antioxidants and vitamins is a positive menu for combating depression. Spinach and omega 3 fatty acid enriched foods are often considered feel-good food for natural treatment of depression, but no medical benefits of this diet is clinically proven.

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Binge eating is one of the common symptoms of depression: therefore instead of having three big meals in a day, you may try small 5-6 meals. The real clue behind following a healthy diet is having healthy eating habit that is good for keeping digestive track healthy; a healthy digestive system is a definite support for leading an active life.

Get enough sleep

Adequate sleep is one of the best natural therapies to fight the problem of depression. One of the common irritations associated with depression is unconditional sleeplessness. Inadequate sleep makes the problem of depression more intensified. Sound sleep for at least 8-10 hours is one of the most efficient natural remedies for depression treatment.

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Enjoy life: be communicative and social

Feeling neglected and isolated out of nothing is one of the major problems of depression. Healthy social interaction and group activities will keep you happily energetic and can work as an easy antidote for lonely syndrome. You can start pursuing a hobby that you are especially fond of. Activities like gardening, joining a kid’s nursery as a trainer, or joining a social NGO etc. will keep you active in a positive way. This is a wonderful natural way to reduce the problem of depression.

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Practice stress management

Stress has become a part and parcel of our life and it has become really impossible to eliminate the problem of stress completely, therefore it is necessary to learn the tricks of stress management. Psychologists have traced an intense relation between depression and stress in life. Proper managing stress is a simple way to eliminate the intensity of depression. At least proper stress management helps in keeping depression away.

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Enjoy exposure to morning sunlight

Enjoy the warmth and freshness of morning sunlight. Morning sunlight will help you in synthesis of Vitamin D and vitamin A in your body that enhances the feel-good mood and controls irritation and mood swing. This feel-good factor is one of the excellent natural lifestyle remedies that will help you in combating the awkward irritation of depression.

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You may try some feel good herbal supplement

One of the tasted non drug remedies of depression treatment is trying some supplements that can help in controlling the problem of depression. These supplements are known for their anti-depressant nature, which offers excellent support in fighting the irritation of depression. Some of these recommended herbal supplements are:

You-may-try-some-feel-good-herbal-supplementImage Source:http://i.huffpost.com/

St John Wort: popular as natural depression remedy in European countries although no potential medical research support has not been received yet.

St-John-WortImage Source:https://upload.wikimedia.org/

Omega 3 fatty acids: Omega-3 supplements are being considered as a non-drug treatment for depression and for reducing depressive symptoms in people suffering with bipolar disorder. However, the supplement has to be taken in right proportion.

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Saffron: Saffron is a known non-drug remedy for depression treatment; however, overdose of this remedy may cause severe harmful side effect.

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Consumption of all these supplements is not at all safe unless the use is monitored and recommended by a medical practitioner.

If untreated, depression can be fatal. The home remedies mentioned here are for mild or moderate level of depression. Consult your doctor if these symptoms of depression persist after trying some of these remedies at least for one week. Although the symptoms of depression may vary from one to another person, some of the general symptoms of depression are:


  • Helpless and feeling of hopelessness: a sheer negative feeling persist always in the attitude of the patients suffering from depression.
  • Lose of interest in daily chore,
  • Loss of hunger or tendency of unnecessary overeating,
  • Change of sleep pattern is observed in most of the depression patients,
  • Unconditional anger or irritability is a common symptom of depression,
  • The patients always feel a weird mood due to loss of energy
  • Unconditional pain and stiffness in limbs, back, and neck is felt coupled with acute stomach pain.
  • Acute concentration problem is observed in patients suffering from depression.

Mild to moderate bout of depression generally goes away by 7 day-time if followed a positive life style and some of the aforementioned natural cure remedies. However, in case the spell of depression lasts for more than a week, you should immediately contact your general physician or a psychologist.


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