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We all wish to have a healthy looking skin. But unfortunately not many in these stressful times, on the move lifestyle and especially in such sun scorching summer could manage to acquire or retain that glow. Though most of us are aware of lemon, honey, turmeric etc and their benefits, it’s always important to remind ourselves what all nature has bestowed us with to fight small and big problems with use of nature’s own products. Going back to nature has always been the best way out to get rid of skin problems like pimples, pigmentation, dark circles etc. Let’s take a look at some good food to keep skin healthy, glowing and ever appealing.

It won’t be wrong to pick up a face wash, any face pack or any moisturizer/lotion with the following ingredients being a part of any beauty product. Read on to know more and use the nature’s gift for your skin this season…

# Lemon

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Its rich vitamin C has the ability to work wonders for skin. Taking lemonade every morning or at night before going to sleep could help work wonders for skin. Rubbing half cut lemon onto your elbows or knees could actually result in reducing the blackness of these body parts. Applying lemon juice on the face on a regular basis is one of the best ways to reduce discoloration of the skin. Drinking lemonade is also the right and one of most old ways to beat the heat. So, make good use of lemons kept in your refrigerator and get a pleasant looking skin with its right and regular usage.

Himalaya Herbals Oil-Control Lemon Face Wash
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Patanjali Lemon Honey Face Wash
Clean & Clear Pimple Clearing Face wash with Neem and Lemon
Lakme Sun Expert Cucumber & Lemon Grass Face Wash

# Turmeric


This actually is one of the most commonly used ingredients that would any grandma suggest. Be it in milk, if you or your child gets hurt or bruised or down with any infection due to its effective antiseptic property. And when it comes helping skin, there are dime a dozen advertisements that talks about turmeric being one of the ingredients of their beauty products. Applying a thick paste of turmeric and milk helps a great deal in cleaning the dirt from the face. Surely, its regular usage helps fight aging and is also the best way to exfoliate the dead skin. Acne, one of the best common problems amongst youth, is a matter of great concern. Though there are lots of products in the market which claim to treat this problem, it’s actually the best way to try turmeric for its antiseptic and antibacterial properties to help fight acne or pimples.

VLCC Wild Turmeric Face Wash
Aroma Magic Turmeric Cleanser
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What a fantastic fruit for skin as well. Of course, eating papaya is considered good for stomach but it has amazing benefits for the skin. Just rubbing raw papaya on the skin could result in removing blemishes that spoil the looks or the glow of the face. It not only contains Vitamin A but also enzymes that help exfoliate the skin well. Papaya due to its papain ingredient helps amazingly in skin whitening. Now, that sounds wonderful and extremely helpful to many. Right? So, go ahead and have papaya which is available round the year and extract its benefits.

Nature’s Essence Perfect Papaya Face Wash
VLCC Papaya and Apricot Face Scrub
Biotique Bio Papaya Exfoliating Face Wash
Mario Badescu’s Papaya Body Lotion


# Curd/Yogurt


A smooth massage of yogurt on the face helps remove dead cells, tightens pores and helps look more glowing. Because it’s acidic in nature, curd helps fight acne like severe problems. It also helps tone freckles and wrinkles. So, if you include a bowl of curd in your daily diet, not only it will help you get a glow on your face, but it will also help get your Vitamin D, being a rich source of Calcium, that these days is falling short in most people irrespective of age, leading to many problems. So, using curd is one of the best ways, naturally, to remove dead cells and get healthy inside out.


Lotus Herbals White Glow Oatmeal and Yogurt Skin Whitening Scrub
Laneige’S Multiberry Yogurt Repair Pack

# Strawberry


This is another rich source of vitamin C and loads of anti-oxidants that helps skin live and look healthy. Strawberries contain the anti-oxidant ellagic acid, which prevents collagen destruction, one of the major causes of wrinkle formation. Its powerful anti-oxidant ellagic acid is very useful in protecting skin from harmful UV rays. Like lemon, Strawberry’s juice also helps lighten the marks, dark spots and blemishes. So, next time while driving or shopping you come across strawberry seller, try picking one for your health. It will be worth it!


VLCC Strawberry & Waterlily Peel Off Mask
Biocare Strawberry Scrub
Lakme Strawberry Cleanup Scrub
Lakme Fruit Blast Strawberry Face Wash

# Tomato

If anyone loves eating tomato, be it in salad or in any recipe, here’s a piece of good news. Tomato helps increase lycopene content in the skin which further helps skin look healthier and delaying ageing. This vegetable not only helps skin get tighter, but also make it stronger to fight harmful UV rays. Its astringent quality helps clean face look neat instantly. Rub tomato on your skin and let it dry for some time and then wash it – now that’s quite an effective and veggie face wash friends!


VLCC Mandarin & Tomato Natural Fairness  Face Wash


# Potato


If you believe potato is only good for making somebody a couch potato, think again! Potato and its juice if applied on the face actually tighten your skin instantly. It is of great help when it comes to treating dark circles under eyes. Its anti-ageing beauty agent could really help you fight wrinkles and hide dark spots. If you see puffiness under your eyes, rubbing potato or applying its juice could do wonders.

# Cucumber


Is there anything cooler and refreshing than applying cucumber juice to your pretty face? When it comes to dark circles, which could spoil anybody’s looks, cucumber or its juice is considered out and out completely the best remedy. If applied on the face or if its slices are kept on the face, they are known to remove freckles from the face. It is actually considered as the best natural toner that can help tighten pores and help get a perfect refreshing look. So, to do away with from blemishes to pigmentation, use of cucumber is considered wonderful and excellent.

Dove Go Fresh Cool Moisture Cucumber Green Tea Beauty Body Lotion
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So, you see there are so many national and international brands that use all such ingredients to make their products effectively. In fact, the brands ensure to highlight the best and most sure-shot effective ingredient on the bottles, in ads and so on. In essence, our objective was to make you realize and value what all great weapons you have right there in your kitchen. Nothing we mentioned above is something you have to dig for. All you need is a will and a little effort to make use of fruits and vegetables lying in your kitchen. And you will end up enhancing – Our lovely beautiful You…..

(Disclaimer: Neither we are telling you to go and buy the above brands nor we are making any claims that they are the best. You please consult your dermatologist and decide on your own what suits best to your skin.)



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