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Nivea for Men After Shave Vitalizing Lotion Review

Nivea for Men After Shave Vitalizing Lotion claims to instantly refresh and invigorate your skin. This lotion relieves your skin from inflammation after shaving, and soothes it, leaving behind an enticing fragrance. The cooling effect of this lotion makes your skin feel calm and fresh. Made from skin friendly ingredients, this lotion does not pose any threats for your skin.

Price Comparison

When I put this product, it cost me Rs 167/- for 100 ml.

My Experience

Finally I am back to my regular shaving routine. Earlier I used to think at least ten times before I made up mind to shave. Though, I don’t like sporting a beard, but my skin goes through so much pain after shaving. When I am done shaving, my skin starts getting irritated with the inflammation. Moreover, the sweating made it even worse. It was just like walking around with your face on fire!!

Not that that I did not make any efforts to fix it. I searched online for some lotions and even used them for a while. Unfortunately, none of them were effective enough. Ultimately I started using a hair-trimmer to get rid of the beard. I shared this problem with one of my close friends and he recommended Nivea for Men After Shave Vitalizing Lotion. Frankly, I thought it will not be any different from the other lotions I tried. But the way it worked totally amazed me.

The lotion not only relieved my skin from the burning sensation but also rendered a fresh and cool feel to it. Besides, its fragrance lasts almost all day. This lotion has worked wonderfully for me and I believe it will be the same for other men battling with the same trouble. I have also suggested it to some of my friends and there hasn’t been a negative opinion so far.

What I Liked about the Product?

  • It relieves by skin from inflammation

  • Has an amazing fragrance which lasts for a long time

  • Packaging is compact, so I can carry it along.

  • It does not irritate my skin.

What I Didn’t Like about the Product?

Quantity is very small. Doesn’t last long enough!

Rating Out of 5:

Product: 3

Texture: 4

Ease of Application: 4

Staying Power: 3

Value for Money: 3

Satisfaction Levels: 3.5

Verdict of the Product-

Overall, I am very pretty pleased with this after shave lotion. I find it very useful and recommend it for others as well.   

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