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Permanent Makeup: An Upbeat Way To Look Gorgeous!

Who doesn’t want the luscious lovely lips like Kareena Kapoor or the perfectly arched eyebrows of Deepika Padukone? Maybe you fancy the dark sultry eyes of Sonakshi Sinha. They can all be yours with the help of permanent makeup.

What is Permanent Makeup?
If you’ve fed up of painting your face and keeping it intact throughout the day or you don’t want to invest your time and labour in doing touch-ups every now and then. Or you can’t let your makeup sweat out while you’re working out in a gym and you can’t stand to leave the house without the makeup either. Here’s a permanent solution to your perennial problem. The permanent makeup.

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While wearing permanent makeup you can carry out rigorous workout sessions without fearing to smudge your make-up. You can do whatever you feel like and still be offhand about your makeup running off. The era has arrived where we can thank the advancement of the medical science. This breakthrough in the field of cosmetic surgery won’t ever fade out.
Opt for an experienced and skilled makeup artist
The before and after images of permanent makeup are demonstrated here by various cosmetologists. You can look for the certifications and the experience of the individual to check on his credibility. You can also go through the reviews online and client testimonials to know about the safest procedure to carry out the permanent makeup technique. You can preferably have the face-to-face conversation with the cosmetologist to know about the pros and cons of the technique beforehand.

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How Is Permanent Makeup Done?
The permanent makeup technique is carried out using various tools and devices which are made exclusively for carrying out the procedure. Sometimes, it is also carried out with the help of the convention tattoo coil machines, a tattoo pen or a rotating machine. These devices perforate the skin and instil the pigments which give you the look as desired by you. But the desirable looks can be achieved only if the technique is being carried out by the skilled professionals.

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Is There A Minimum Age Requirement?
For different countries, the minimum age to get the permanent makeup done is different. People of different age have different healing powers and the cosmetic tattooing process takes some time to heal. So for knowing the minimum age for getting the permanent makeup, you can consult your cosmetologist.

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Why Is It A Boon?
There is some kind of people who can’t avail the benefits of temporary makeup as they have their own issues and can’t withstand something artificial on their skin. So people who can benefit with permanent makeup are as follows:

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  1.  People with sensitive skin.
  2.  People who can’t use makeup on their skin because their allergic to one or more ingredients of the makeup.
  3.  People who belong to the sports world, who can’t wear the makeup while playing, as it might run off.
  4.  Those who are visually impaired and can’t do the makeup on their own.
  5.  Those who have a problem moving their hands- stroke survivors, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s victim or accident survivors.

Why Is It Considered Permanent?
The science has evolved a million folds to give you something which is called permanent makeup. It is done with such a flawless and chic manner, that it is a wonder of its own kind. And if carried out with the help of an experienced and skilled cosmetologist, the pigments imparted to the skin wouldn’t ever wear off. No matter how hard or how long you work out sweat and drench, the flawless look will remain intact on your face. There are wide varieties of makeup which are available now and you are free to choose the type you want to opt for.

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If you’re curious to know more about this wondrous technique and how you can introduce it in your life, it would be best for you to read about the same from the reliable sources. You can also book your appointment with your cosmetologist to learn about this art of permanent makeup and bring about a life-changing makeover in your personality.

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