Pros And Cons That Every Girl Should Know About Hair Colour!

Hair colour is something which is the most viral trend in the glamour world and you can also add this to your look to flaunt your beautiful hair. But before moving ahead with the hair dyeing there are certain pros and cons that you should know.

Before going for hair colour have a clear discussion with your stylist about your look so that you don’t suffer from a blunder later.

So, let’s get started with the pros and cons of hair colour:

First let’s discuss about few pros of hair colour:

1. Add shades to your hair

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If you really bored of your regular look then a hair colour is a perfect option for you to bring a change in your overall look. They are available in multiple colour options from which you can select the most appropriate one accordingly.

2. Style statement

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A perfect hair colour can add style to your look by changing your overall appearance. After this, you will surely be counted in the fashionistas.

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3. Adds dimension to your hair

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Yes, you heard it right hair colour adds dimension to your hair. Because when it is applied there are slight highlights all over your hair which give dimension and shape to your hair and also make it look good.

And now cons of using hair colour:

1. Frequent visit to parlour

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You can get a perfect hair colour only after visiting parlour or salon. Even after a perfect application, there would be certain fringes that will pop up to ruin your look. And for this reason, you need to visit the salon frequently to maintain your hair look.

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2. Damage and side effects

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On the one hand, hair colour offers you with a beautiful look but on the other hand, it causes a great damage to your hair because of its chemical composition which makes you hair look dull and damaged.

3. It is difficult to get back to original

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It is quite challenging to attain the original hair colour back after hair colour because some hair colour requires bleaching which changes the overall texture and colour of your hair. To get back your original hair colour you need to spend some extra hours in the salon.

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And finally some tips to remember before going for a hair colour:

• There are two methods of applying hair colour- semi permanent and demi permanent. The semi permanent colour lasts for a less time than demi permanent one. So, research well before going ahead with it.
• After the hair colour when new hair grows they will be different from your coloured hair. So, at that time you don’t need to panic as you will only need to colour your new grown hair to maintain the look.
• And if you want to make the hair colour last long then try to use shampoo which does not contain sulphide.

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