Relationship Boundaries

Relationship Hack: 6 Relationship Boundaries That Can Bring You Closer

Being in a relationship is the most beautiful feeling as we feel happy to know about this fact that there is someone, somewhere you care about us and is there for us. But after a certain time, we all need to set some relationship boundaries. Most of the people get some negative vibes after hearing the word boundaries but you need to know that these simple boundaries can actually bring you and partner closer. So, here are some relationship boundaries that you should know.

1. Respecting privacy

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If you feel like stalking your partner on social media or prefer to check his phone. Then, its high time that you divert your mind and start respecting your partner’s privacy  because it will only lead to trust issues and will affect your relationship in long run.

2. Having separate finances

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It is said that money can create a lot of issues in a relationship. It is perfectly fine to have joint accounts and pool in some certain amount together for an expense. Still, having a separate account can also help you in a long way to prevent issues related to finances in future.

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3. Spending some alone time

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Most of the people think that being with partner all the time can help in making the relationship stronger. But in reality, everyone needs some space and like to spend some alone time. This simple change can provide you with an opportunity to grow as a person and also helps you to appreciate your partner with all their flaws.

4. Having a list of Dos and Don’ts

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There a lot of things that you can be open about but, there are certain things that can make you uncomfortable. So, it is better that you have a frank discussion with your partner. This will not only make your bond strong but will also increase the intimacy between you two.

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5. Sharing responsibilities

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Well, it is not possible to split the responsibilities equally. Because there are chances that most of the times you will be burdened more than him and vice versa. Splitting responsibilities  are only a simple thing that can add a value of commitment in your relationship showing that both the partners are involved and are serious about their relationship.

6. Being your own person

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Never ever change yourself. Yes, it is true that you need to make compromises to make a relationship work but changing yourself for anyone is not right. Always remember that your partner loved you for who you are and changing yourself is not the correct way to maintain a relationship.


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