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Replace Your Shampoo With These 2 Amazing Products!

Greasy and flat hair are no favourite for anyone, isn’t it? Aren’t we all just tired of shampoo and hair products that promise many things but do nothing? Most of us aren’t really satisfied with the brand of our shampoo we are using, so we keep jumping from one brand to another. Our hunt goes down from Paraben to Paraben-free. We are ready to anything to make our hair happy, at any cost it takes.

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But the fact will surprise you that an average shampoo bottle contains over 15 toxic chemicals that are no good for our hair! If you go through the internet, reading beauty blogs from famous blogger all around the globe, you’ll come across a term called “The No-poo Method”. This method was brought into existence to take care of all your hair woes and give you the gift of soft and silky mane. And that too without chemicals! So why not just give it a try?

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What is No-Poo Method?

There’s a question in my mind that I must ask you. What was the name of the shampoo that the people back in the 1930s were using? Can’t figure out? You can’t figure out because before 1930s people relied on natural ingredients for getting clean and healthy hair. This method is known as No-poo Method trendily.

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When you decide to go No-poo, it means you’re going to survive without the bottle of shampoo and conditioner. Plus, you’re going to make your own DIY shampoo and conditioner which is free from chemicals i.e. Poo! Feeling like giving it a try? So read on the full article

How to Wash Your Hair sans Shampoo?

To get all those itty-shitty tiny monsters out of your beauty regime, you need to say a complete NO to shampoo. There is a healthy and all-natural way to keep your scalp clean without being harsh on it. You can make use of organic ingredients like baking soda and apple cider vinegar. These ingredients are known to work wonders on hair as it gets rid of oil without making the scalp dry. Plus, these natural ingredients are already there in your pantry. The apple cider vinegar is easily available at any drugstore. IF you don’t want to leave the house, then you can get the wonder solution from any online shopping website.

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Why Should You Join The No-Poo Movement?

•Shampoos are costly. Plus, if you consider the degree of harm it has been causing to your mane, it is way too overpriced!
•They are laden with chemicals which you would otherwise use to clean your toilets!
•It disrupts the natural balance of your scalp and makes it oilier than ever.
•It causes hair fall, frizziness, and dry hair as well.
•Natural ingredients, on the other hand, restores the natural pH of your scalp.
•Baking soda gets rid of oil and dirt from the scalp, plus it exfoliates the scalp which simply means better blood flow to the follicles.
•Apple cider vinegar naturally cleanse and soften the strands giving it a shine you’ve been longing for.

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How To start the No-Poo Movement?

Initially, you have to invest some bucks in a good quality baking soda and apple cider vinegar. Here, baking soda is going to replace your shampoo while ACV will be your conditioner. If you don’t have much time to make your shampoo every time you wash your hair, you can pre-mix your ingredients and store them in separate bottles. Plus the bottle should be air tight.

You will be needing to spray bottles. One will store your cleanser while other will store your conditioner. Glass bottles are preferable as they are easy to wash and sterilize.

You Will Be Needing These Two Ingredients to Start off:

P.S. Pay extra attention to the quantity of the product required. Any less or more will make it a complete failure.

For Baking Soda Shampoo:

1/4th cup of baking soda
1-2 cups of water

Mix the soda with some water and take it in the palm of your hand. Gently rub this mixture into your scalp. If it feels itchy or if you have dry scalp, you can dilute the mixture further. Let this mixture stay on your hair for few minutes. Rinse it thoroughly using lukewarm water. Avoid too hot or too cold water.

ACV conditioner:

2 Tbsp. of ACV
1 cup of water

Add 2 tbsp. of ACV in a cup of water. You can use the ratio of the contents to make your monthly lot ACV conditioner. Store the solution in a spray bottle as said before. Spray the solution in your scalp as well on the strands. Let it stay there for few minutes. Rinse it off using cold water.
For Best Results:

Rinse thoroughly. Make sure that you don’t leave the products on your scalp.

How Can This Method Benefit You?
Do I need to say more about it?

You will love your newly born natural, soft, shiny and longer hair! Yes, the method will also boost your hair growth. So you can’t just refrain from this method if you’ve been longing for longer mane since long.

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Can You Use Your Regular Shampoo while on No-Poo Movement?

You can use, though, but it is advisable to avoid it. This method intends to restore the natural balance of your scalp. If you’re back on using your regular shampoo, it will again disrupt the natural balance of your hair, that No-Poo created

If you’re going to get a haircut at the salon, ask them to use an SLS free shampoo. Once you get your hair cut, repeat the process after getting back to home. Your hair will be fine once again.

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How long do I need to do this?

You can continue to do this for the entire length of your life! Natural doesn’t hurt!

Is There Any Side Effect?

So far, no side effects of this method have been reported. It is undoubtedly the best way to cleanse your hair without putting up too much of chemical on your head.

But still there’s a transition period. During the time you’ve first opted for this method, usually between 1 to 6 weeks, your hair will feel squeaky clean. After having the next couple of washes, you can feel them getting a little greasy or frizzy. Don’t freak out if this happens to you. It happens to most of the people. It simply means that your hair is now adjusting the change that you just made upon.

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Points to Remember

•This method is only applicable for people who have the access to SOFT water. Hard water will not be good for it.
•Keep the measurements clear in your mind. If you’re having an oily scalp, you’ll be needing more of baking soda. But if you’re having dry scalp, stick to the diluted version.
•Baking soda sometimes leaves the hair dry, so using ACV conditioner afterward is customary.
•Add few drops of coconut oil, jojoba oil, argan oil or Moroccan oil to your scalp an hour before washing your hair, if your hair is extremely dry.
•Sprinkle some baby powder or baking soda on your scalp before washing if your hair is too oily. Let it sit for 5 minutes and then brush it off.
•If you got your hair coloured recently, baking soda will dry them up. So, we advise you to refrain from the No-Poo Movement.
•Be patient! This method is effective but slow. It usually takes some time to show noticeable results.
•During the transition period, you might hate your hair. But be patient!
So try the trick, and share you experience with us! We would love to hear from you!


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