Sattu or Gram Flour: India’s Best & Most Underrated Superfood

No matter what do we call this most underrated superfood of Indian cuisine, Sattu or Chatu Or Gram Flour is an ‘everyday meal for all’. As far you go in the northern and eastern cities of India like Bihar or West Bengal, you will find the liking for this superfood increasing by the distance.

Depending on your preferences, you will always find small cart pushers or vendors selling this amazing ingredient in different form of food or drinks.

You will even find those blue-collar workers, taxi drivers, or the laborers flocking at the joints selling this superfood-made dishes, and getting through their whole day with mere consumption of this morning fix!

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Okay, Let’s Know A Little More About Sattu!

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If you are curious to know what sattu actually is, then wonder no longer! It is nothing else, but roasted grams (chana), which are grounded to powder and eating in many different (delicious) ways. Yes, sattu doesn’t take days of processing or weeks of extraction, instead in just take a few minutes to be prepared, when you have the raw ingredient present with you.

Earlier, this superfood lacked interest in the youngsters, but thanks to the internet, young generation is now well-aware of this wholesome food and are gaining a step towards consuming this healthy nutrition-filled powder to their betterment, almost every day!

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Great…What Else Do We Know?
You might find a picture of body-builders on the manufactured packets of sattu, because believe it or not, most Indian body-builders swear by this superfood for their health and body!

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A glass of sattu drink is a must, after heavy weightlifting or workouts in most Desi Akharas or gymnasiums in many parts of India, for it has 20% protein content and other nutritional values like magnesium, calcium, manganese and iron.

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Now, Shall We Discuss Few Health Benefits Of Sattu?
Because of its instant energy boosting property, it is very popular among the tropical regions of the many countries. High content of carbohydrates is responsible for the energy powerup, and it easily gets absorbed in your bloodstreams. Nothing seems better than sattu to drink while you are feeling drained and exhausted in the scorching summer heat, except for an umbrella, which unfortunately cannot be drink!

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Since, sattu adds a great nutrition to your body, it is great for a person of every age, from kids to the senior citizens. It also gives you glowing skin and healthy hair, helping you stay away from the parlor, for that natural beauty!

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How Can We Prepare Sattu?
Well, if you want to know the truth, then let me tell you that sattu is considered the most versatile ingredient when it comes to cooking for various dishes! It has basically been announced as the traditional dish for Bihar, that every Bihari would love to eat, every time they are offered with it.

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Litti Chokha is every person residing in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh’s favorite food, that are basically flour balls stuffed with sattu and baked on coal fire. The dish is served alongside vegetable curry and spiced mashed potatoes. Kachoris, stuffed pooris and rotis can also be made of sattu!

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Also, good news for those who has a sweet-tooth, sattu can be made into delicious laddoos as well! Especially for those health-conscious people who watch on their sugar intake before they eat it.

Recipe For Sattu Drink
Gulp down a glass of this magical drink to savor its amazing health benefits and get instant energy on the low days.

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• 100 grams of Sattu
• Juice of 1 Lemon
• 400 ml of Water
• A pinch of Salt
• Fresh Mint Leaves for garnishing (optional)
• 1 tablespoon of diced Onion

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1. Take a large bowl and pour sattu in it.
2. Now slowly add water and form a smooth paste, dissolving all the lumps in the process.
3. Then all the remaining water into the bowl and dilute the paste into a drink.
4. Next, add salt, lemon juice and onion into the drink and mix well.
5. Pour the drink into a glass and garnish with some fresh mint leaves. Enjoy it!

Note* If you like to have it sweet, then you can simply replace onion and salt with some honey, and your sweet sattu drink will be ready to be served!

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