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Say Goodbye to Ring Marks from Fingers!

Wearing the same ring for a longer period of time causes them to leave permanent marks on our finger. Those marks are not impressive, we know! If you don’t want those marks to define your fingers permanently, don’t ignore them.

Removing the ring temporarily can be a solution to prevent further pigmentation of the skin. But it won’t do any good for the existing marks. Plus, the stains will get back to your fingers as soon as you start wearing the ring again. Don’t worry, we have few home remedies to get rid of those pesky marks at once.

• Make a habit to exfoliate your skin religiously every other day. This will get rid of the dead skin and facilitate the new skin cells from the layer beneath. Regular exfoliating will lighten the dark areas gradually.

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• Wearing sunscreen on our face is very necessary as we’ve already discussed a lot about it. But wearing sunscreen on every exposed part of your body is equally important. Make a habit of wearing sunscreen every time you step out of the house. If you’re a regular scooter driver, invest in some good quality sunscreen and gloves as well. UV radiations make the ring marks even darker and stubborn to get rid of.

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• Prepare a mixture at home using lemon and honey. We’ve been suggesting this face mask for getting rid of dark skin from the face. But you can use this mask you’re your hands too. Take this mixture and massage it with your fingers for 15 minutes. Repeat this thrice a week. You will see that the marks will become less prominent gradually.

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• We never forget to moisturize our face when we get out of the bathroom after taking a shower. And the same should be applied to the other parts of your body as well. You can invest in some good quality hand cream or can just make use of the body butter to moisturize your hand. Go for an herbal moisturizer which has lightening agents in it.

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• You can go for regular manicures to get rid of dead skin cells and dark skin regularly. You can even give yourself a good manicure session at home using good quality products. Regular manicures are effective to remove dark skin and ring marks from the fingers.

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It’s time to show some love to your hands!

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