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Say No to These 10 Beauty Treatments When You Are Expecting!

We know that expecting mamas have so much of things to deal with, and just to go a little off the track, they wish to pamper themselves. You wouldn’t mind getting a relaxing massage or a manicure to ease your nerves. But before pampering yourself with a little spa action, you would like to know whether these beauty treatments are good for your baby or not. Read on to check whether you can still go for your monthly beauty treatments like waxing and facial or not.

1. Manicures and Pedicures: Most of the pregnant woman suffer nausea while inhaling the pungent nail paint smell. These nail paint fumes are extremely unhealthy for the mom-to-be. If you still want to go for the Mani or Pedi treatments, avoid using nail paints which have dibutyl phthalate in them. Go for the safer brands.

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2. Facials: Facials are the best way to relax your skin when you’re going through the hormonal dance during the pregnancy. Probably, that’s what you think. But not everything which was good for you then is good for you now. Chemical peels, hot stones, electric stimulations should be avoided until the delivery.

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3. Waxing: It is not harmful to you or your baby, though. But it is said that the skin becomes more delicate while you’re pregnant. So it will be a little painful for you to get your hair waxed. Plus, your hair growth will be faster during pregnancy.

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4. Hair colouring: Hair colour has some chemicals which are found to be highly toxic for women who are pregnant. Even the slightest quantity of chemical absorbed by your scalp can reach your blood stream and that blood eventually makes its way to the placenta. You can opt for much safer options for colour but if it’s not that required, avoid it.

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5. Oral Retinoid: Topical treatments when coming in contact with your skin are absorbed by your skin pores and reach your blood stream. High doses of vitamin A in your skin can reach out your baby and interfere in its development.

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6. Salicylic Acid: Salicylic Acid have the similar effect to that of aspirin. And aspirin is strictly prohibited during pregnancy as it is said to cause pregnancy complications and birth defects.

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7. Soy: Avoid soy lotions or cream as it is said to cause the darkening of the skin of a pregnant woman. It doesn’t harm the baby, though. This condition is known as the mask of pregnancy.

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8. Acne Treatments: Pregnancy might be yet another reason why you’re getting acne. You should avoid BHA, Differin, Tretinoin and all the retinoid which are used to treat acne.

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9. Makeup: like the skin care products, the things which you put on your face not just sit on the surface. It gets absorbed by the skin pores. Check the ingredient list thoroughly and look out that the makeup products doesn’t contain salicylic acid or BHA in them.

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10. Massage: Massage can relieve the anxiety you usually face during the pregnancy. It soothes muscles and relieves joint pain. Get the massage only from the salons which are certified to give prenatal massages.

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