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Shimmering Face Makeup for Any Party

Shimmers are in fashion in every season, the only thing is how you carry it. Its different colours, hues and tricks are in the trend for every occasion, festival and gathering. The only catch is how you select the best shade for your skin; and yes, it does play a significant role.

Everyone wants to look their best while going for a party. If you think that doing a shimmery face make-up is a tough job, well, we’re here to simplify and remove this myth from your mind.

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So, here’s a short guide to get a perfect shimmering face, eyes and lips like never before:

•Fabulous Face:

Your face is the first thing which attracts people to you. To make it flawless and shimmery, read on. Before going for any makeup, make sure that your skin is rinsed properly with a gently cleanser/ face wash. After washing, use a toner (mostly if your skin is acne-prone or dry) and apply it all over your face and neck with a cotton ball/ pad. Moisturize the skin with a milky and soothing moisturizer. It’ll be better if your cream is also sun protective to ward-off any faux pas when you go out in the sun. Next, use a face primer to lessen the visible pores in the skin and brighten the face.

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After all of this is done, start-off with contouring by using a round thick brush or sponge and apply it gently all over your face. Then spread on a light hue which will highlight your face and blend in completely to radiate the face. Finally by using a brush, apply the blush on the cheeks and you’re set to go!

•Elegant Eyes:

Your eyes say a lot about yourself. Pep-it-up with a nice two-tone shimmering touch and let them be the wow factor of the party. Start with your upper lid and crease line by applying a shiny silver dust onto it. Then, pick a darker colour of eye shadow and apply it on the corner of the eye and bend both of them nicely with fingers. After this, use a black colour liquid eyeliner and draw it in a single stroke. Then in the end, use a nice mascara and define your lashes, and the sultry shimmery eyes are ready!

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•Luscious Lips:

To get that glossy and chic pout, you don’t have to invest much time as it’s a matter of few minutes. Firstly, apply a coat on your lips which is both glossy and moisturizing. Then, use a lip colour which goes with your dress for the day and apply it evenly on your lips. Use a lip gloss to finish the look in a perfect way and you’ll definitely be a head-turner in the party!

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These things are sure to make your face look beautiful and the shimmery face will boost your confident for any type of gathering.

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