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Stay Healthy and Stress Free at Work!!

What me, you and everyone else complains about office life is that it leaves you with a tummy poking out, making you all quite de-shaped and fluffy around the midriff… you must know about the desk job weight gain syndrome, don’t you?? About a year after college, it was the first get together for many of us, a friend pointed out that some of us have acquired a flabby tummy. And that’s exactly how she realized we have desk jobs… I know it can make you go brood. It did me unwittingly!!

Stay Healthy and Stress Free at Work!!

You just cannot deny it even if you have banged your head on the wall several times!! Tummy does tell what kinda job you do!

Before it goes more embarrassing, its better find out some neat ways and means to shun the embarrassment and look as appetizing as anyone who has a perky business routine!

Tips and Tricks to Look and Feel Healthy-

Lets start with some tips that you must keep a check on to stay active and in good shape despite of your desk job!

  • Drink Lots of Water- Its a routine tip, but it does work to keep you light, energetic, glowing and healthy.
  • Avoid Coffee Breaks- Don’t feel like I am banning you from things your office allows… but its not a good idea to sip coffee every hour, make use of glucose drink, lemon water or plain water instead.
  • Wrap up your Junk – Snacking can be good, but snacking on junk like chips and donuts, cookies, and cakes etc is like cherry on the cake when it comes to piling on weight and getting lethargic and sluggish!
  • Soda Sips – Avoid it…. of course! Guzzling those high calorie sugary and heavily caffeine laced soda bottles will sap out your energy and make your belly rather bloat.
  • Walk- Take to walking and utilize your break. Walking is a good way to exercise, de-stress, digest and keep your limbs active. Take to walking… really!
  • Fresh Fruits and Vegetables- Munch on fresh fruits and vegetables. Its healthier, will give you a nice glow, leave you active and help you manage your weight and keep your body toned.
  • Say No to Refined Flour – Instead of having refined flour, make use of whole flour biscuits, toasts and pasta. Whole flour does not clog in your tummy and make it bloat.
  • Wash Up – Feeling like taking a smoke break, go to the washroom and wash your face with cold water. Its a good way to freshen up and relieve stress… smoking is injurious remember??
  • Avoid Long Hours – Seriously, long work hours for longer durations with no or small little breaks is a deal breaker. You can’t let your body not move or stretch.. its the easiest way to let your body feel like glum and stiff and of course gain weight.
  • All Work Makes You Dull – Know what your body demands and when, vacations and breaks are important, for your well being and health. Its good to keep the balance for improving your work potential as well.


Try out all these tips and feel fresh all day without letting your work stress clamming you up.

We have lined up some more interesting tips to stay active and enjoy your work without taking up unnecessary heat.

Health Tips for Office Going Women


Women handle home and job altogether neglecting their heath in many ways! Let me tell you a few healthy ways through which you can manage your health and also stay focused and energetic. Apart from exercising regularly there are many other things that you need to work out.

Check out what all you ought to do…

  • Stay Active- All day long you need to stay active. Staying in office and doing desk job is not a reason to avoid exercise. Whenever you get time, get up and move around. Do not sit stuck to your chair. During lunch get up and have a chat with your colleagues. There are too many options, you just need to make up your mind.
  • Store Healthy Snacks- Store your refrigerator with healthy snacks. If you have a habit of snacking throughout the day then it is important for you to eat healthy or else you will just accentuate your problem. So when you go for grocery shopping make sure, you buy healthy items and snack on them when you feel hungry.
  • Effective Exercise Pattern- You need to create an effective exercise technique that can help your whole body to stay fit. Do strength training at least 20 minutes in a week and keep on altering your work-out styles. This can help you get multiple benefits.


  • Have Good Breakfast- If you are an office goer then it is a must for you to have breakfast. You can include lot many fruits and vegetables to your diet along with a glass of milk. Breakfast will help your body fill with energy and you will also stay away from excess calorie intake.
  • Drink Lots of Water- Though its the first thing I mentioned, for emphasis’ sake… You need to make sure that your body remains well hydrated so that you can avoid hunger pangs and also stay active.
  • Keep Stress at Bay- Make your progress chart and mark what all you have achieved till now, this will help you stay motivated and also will tell you which area you need to work upon. Stay focused and make sure you keep stress away.


Follow these tips and you can easily fight many unhealthy issues. There are lot many options to stay healthy, all you need is proper care and you are good to go.

Spurting Energy Level at Work-

To be energetic during the entire day at work, a person needs to follow some hourly steps, right from the time you wake up from snooze. There are different aspects that altogether decide your active-ness during the whole long day.

Your Daily Chart to Boost your Energy Level at Work

So let us look at a guide containing tips by experts.

  • Wake Up At 6 am – It is tried and tested tip. So, set your alarm 15 minutes early than the actual time, you are going to wake up. This will make you wake up gradually making you prepared mentally for the entire day. This will make your brain stop releasing melatonin, and releasing adrenaline, which will keep you awake completely till the alarm goes off.
  • At 7 am, Before Commuting- Have your breakfast, something simple like an apple or some nuts will also do it for you. It is helpful to keep you energized during the whole day.
  • At 8 am, On The Way- Try some mental exercises to release the tension. It is best to live close to the workplace. It may help you to perk up. A long commute is usually stressful and exhaustive. Take pauses while driving or if you are going through a bus or train, meditate for some time.
  • At 9 am, Organize Well- After reaching office, get organized. A cluttered desk will make you irritated at the initial phase of the day, so before heading towards any meetings. It is very important to collect all the important stuff and recycle all that is useless. This will make you focus better on work.
  • At 10 am, Time for Coffee- Coffee can act as lifesaving stuff, when a person wants to wake up. But too much of it can lead to stress, so it’s good to have it before starting your work, but don’t repeat the drink every hour.
  • At 10 am, Skip Those Snacks- Mid morning munchies are not contributing to keep you energetic and are also obstructions to weight loss. It is not necessary to take a snack after breakfast, but it depends upon the lunch timings. Always keep a gap of minimum 3 hours between two meals.
  • At 1 pm, Take Your Lunch- Always eat away from the workstation as there may be several health concerns related to that. Staying in your chair during the entire day will make you sick and fatigued. After having lunch, take a brisk walk for around 10-20 minutes.

healthy lunch

  • 2 pm, Sneak a Nap in Between- It may sound unusual, but it won’t take your much time. It is good to have a nap of 10 minutes around 2 pm to boost the energy levels for the rest of the day. If you can’t do that in the office, try your car seat.
  • At 3 pm Check On The Eyes- It is very important to take continuous breaks from work in order to keep that computer strain off.

At 5 pm, wind it off and leave the workplace without any kind of health complains.

There is one important thing I am yet to spell out, that is how to cope with stressful situations in the office. Work can be a cumbersome thing… here is what you gotta do.

What Affects the Office Environment and its Working?


Everybody has a different take to work and diverse ways to working… clashes are bound to take place… you know, its like the old Hindi saying “jaha do bartan honge khankenge hi!!” but what matters most is the way you deal with these clashes, work pressure and stress!! Keeping calm and staying cool is the way to be… though its a tough task to master.. I admit!!

The first thing that I will suggest you is “think” of multiple solutions…. it can also prevent the occurrence of similar problems in the future! You only need to stay active, thoughtful as well as patient while dealing with the problematic situations.

What Causes Stress and Tension at Work?


Like any other aspect of life, stress and tension in the professional lives are also harmful. There are several factors that lead to issues in the work environment. They include the following aspects.

  • Competition is one of the most important factors that affect the work environment. Though competitions are the motivating factor, yet people are not able to take it in a healthy. They find it problematic when they have to compete with others failing the realization of the correct approach to it. Competitions may lead to motivation but this motivation may be negative. Competitors may find harmful and incorrect approaches to succeed which in turn sets them thinking excessively all the time.
  • Anger is one of the most important factors that lead to tension and stress in the working environment. You may get into fights frequently with colleagues only because of your short temperament. Therefore it is important for you to take care of your behavior. Identify the triggers of your anger and try to overcome them.
  • Misunderstandings are also common in the environment where each and every other person is trying to stab you at your back. They may add to the problems thus you have to play safer from your side. For this you have to deal directly with the person concerned instead of sending your messages through others in the office. This not only assures the delivery of your information but also helps you in developing better relations by interacting with others.
  • Lack of Adaptability is also responsible for adding to your stress in the work environment. Those who find it difficult to adjust to the needs and requirements of the office fail to stay stress free and relieved.

Identify these factors in your behaviors and try to change them for your own betterment.

Make use of the tips, stay calm and be positive. Always remain self assured of your capabilities and endeavor to push your limits in the best way possible. This is the way to evolve and achieve success.

Hope this article helps. For more queries, tips and tricks, keep visiting our blog.


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